The Path and The Choice....Is Yours

By: Kate Krassowski, Guest Blogger

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I—took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. –Robert Frost

There comes a time where you have to choose where your passion really lies. It may not be what you spent four years in college studying or what you’ve told your family your plan is for the future. Or if you’re just entering college, you may not have a major yet, or have changed your major three times because you’re unsure. Maybe the career you have or are going for is the career you’ve dreamed of since you were five, but it may very well be something you haven’t discovered yet. 

Why are we so afraid to say what we really want out of life? I have met many people recently who, when I asked them what they did for a living, their answers were followed by a, “but what I really want to do is…” I admire these people who have at least been willing to admit they wanted to follow a different path. That’s the first step, saying it out loud so not only other people hear it, but also you get to listen to it become a reality. My friend, for example, is in the sports broadcasting world, but she wants to go back to school for psychology. A boy I met at a coffee shop recently was doing an internship in investigative journalism, but was passionate about documentary filmmaking. And I went to school for film production, but have discovered a passion for helping women and for creating a way to make a difference for them. You can’t predict when you will find what you love to do. It might be what you always wished it would be, but it might be something different, and it might not what you expected. And that’s OKAY. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay not to know. Life is about figuring it out as you go along, not about having a perfectly mapped out plan that must be followed and not wavered from.


In all of those situations though, a choice needs to be made. Do I stay on this path that I have created for myself or do I follow where my heart is telling me to go? Do I risk changing what I have built for a totally different lifestyle? Who is going to be disappointed in me, or who is going to tell me that I can’t do it? Honestly, a lot of people will probably doubt you and maybe even be disappointed. But that disappointment and doubt is probably masking the jealousy they have watching you take the risks that they never did.  

So take the road less traveled by. Take the path that you think will make you most happy.  Surround yourself with people who believe in what you have to offer the world: people who will stand behind you and will be there when you need someone to lean on. Most importantly, do it for yourself. Don’t be afraid to dream bigger and to take greater risks. If we are brave enough to take the plunge into the unknown, there is a beautiful adventure that lies ahead.

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Remember: You ALWAYS have a choice in what path to take, in where to point your feet. There are no "wrong turns," only new places to discover!

  • What did you learn from changing directions or choosing a new road in life?
  • What advice would you give a friend wrestling with making a decision to start a new chapter in her life?

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Kate_Byline-1.jpgShe moved to Los Angeles from Cleveland, OH after graduating with a B.A in Film Production from BGSU. She is passionate about speaking out against how women are viewed in the media and being part of changing it.







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  • commented 2014-07-18 10:09:11 -0700
    I totally agree Emily! People that discourage you or doubt you because of what you have decided to choose as a career or as a life passion don’t deserve a place in your life. And those who support you and help you along the way are the ones that will be there no matter what you choose in life. I’ve talked to many adults recently about this too and many of them regret staying in the job they were at because it was ‘safe’, like you said. We only get this one life and we owe it to ourselves and to the world to do what our heart is telling us to do; not to let fear and doubt scare us into playing it safe.

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