The Key To Happiness....

By: Shae Snyder, Guest Blogger

If you clicked this blog post thinking there may really be a single key to unlock your dead-bolted door to happiness, you are unfortunately wrong. 

Recently, I was really honest with myself about happiness and I want to share that honesty with you. 

Whether we want to admit it or not, happiness doesn't come from a job, a possession, or even a person. No. Instead, happiness is in the air we breathe. It's in our morning cup of coffee. It's in the sweet smell of the rain. It's in the conversations we have. It's in plane rides across country. It's in our dreams. It's in our laughter. It's in the ocean's waves. It's in the smile from a stranger. It's in our really good days and even our really bad. 


Happiness is rooted in our hearts not our minds. It isn't something that can be bought, borrowed, or even taken from you. Happiness is both a choice and a practice. It doesn't come naturally and you have to fight for it every single day. You have to fight the negativity. Because if you don't do that for yourself, who will?

Now, go be happy. You deserve it.

About Shae

shae.jpgShae is a lover for all things writing, social media, Make-A-Wish, and sports related. Growing up in West Virginia and graduating from West Virginia University, Shae has held a total of seven internships, graduated as Outstanding Public Relations Senior, and is the founder of WVU Wishmakers on Campus. Follow Shae as she chases her dreams at



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