The Happiness Secret I'm Holding Onto: Let It Go

By: Angela McNally, Regular Contributor

When I am asked the single most important lesson I have learned in creating a happy and healthy life it takes me no time to answer. Two simple and tiny words, but certainly the most life changing for me:

Let Go.

But to let go, what does that really mean? Because I don't know about you, but to me society's leaders really give mixed messages when it comes to this.

Set goals! Make your dream board! Visualize! Conquer!

In my early stages as an entrepreneur, those I followed equated achieving success to these actions. So that’s what I did. My house walls were covered in freakin' dream boards. I visualized daily. I had goal journals. I said it out loud. Truly and honestly, I did it all.

At times I had glimpses of success and some great days worth celebrating, but also failure. Lot’s of failure. Not to mention stress, tears, frustration, and confusion as to why. If I was doing all the goal setting exercises why it weren’t they working? Why didn't my life look like the dream board? I was obsessing that my life needed to look one, perfect way. I was so attached to how things were supposed to be that I stopped enjoying my business and my life.

Aren't we all guilty of that on some level? 

After some pretty intense lessons in my personal and business life, I was forced to just simply stop trying to control what things looked like. It was hard at first. Like, really hard.

But eventually the stress started to lift. I still put myself out there, I still created things I loved, but I stopped being attached to the outcome or what people would think. Instead of trying to control how every event in my life turned out I simply, Let go.

Now don't get me wrong, letting go doesn't mean letting yourself go or letting your dreams go. It actually means the opposite. It means putting your best self out there daily. It means being your most authentic self and always chasing your dreams. But, it also means being open to forks in the road. It means not obsessing about exactly how something should turn out. It means being open to the way life is guiding you. Simply put yourself out there and let go of the outcome.

Trust me when I say my whole life changed once I implemented this way of living. And best of all, I'm so happy. Today when things don't work out the way I'd hoped, I have a sense of calmness because I know something better is on the way. And so far, this faith has proven me right every time.

I challenge you to examine the places in your life where you are holding on way to tight. When you see the situations in your life where you are trying to control and force the outcome, try to simply let go. It’s much easier said then done, I know. But when you trust the flow of life, it rewards you beyond your wildest dreams.

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We can all related to wanting to control and micrco-manage every aspect of our lives!

  • Give Angela's approach to life a try and "let it go." Here is a mantra she wants to share with you: "I am open to letting go to let my highest good flow in. I release forced outcomes and welcome the natural flow of life and my full potential of happiness."

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angela.jpgAngela McNally is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach from Toronto, ON. She loves green juice, gourmet food, writing and yoga. Her mission is to eliminate ‘the diet’ and reignite health and wellness through teaching self-love. Angela is the founder of Eating Pretty Nutrition and currently works as a wellness consultant (




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