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By Glenne Fucci, Regular ContributorNovember 6, 2015


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Girl groups entered the music scene several decades ago and have been making chart-topping hits ever since. Whether you’re a girl of the 90s and grew up belting out the lyrics to every Spice Girls song ever written or the 2000s are more your thing with Fifth Harmony, girl groups remind  us of just how successful we can be when we work together to achieve something great. Although girl groups seem like something distant and far away for most of us, I don’t think the term is just limited to the music industry.

The girl group can be used to aptly describe any type of “coming together” in which we all share the same interests and passions!

Aside from school and work and all the other parts of life,  my “other” activity is running. It’s something that I have grown to love over the years and eagerly await the hour each day when I get to hit the pavement. I also love the thrill of race day -- the camaraderie, the passion, the joy and, most of all, the coming together of people who otherwise would never cross paths. Although I’m a solo runner, in that I typically don’t run with others, I have a great group of people who support me in what I do (even though they’re not out there with me). However, when I approach the starting line, I always notice large groups of women, all in matching outfits, getting ready to take off. Depending on the race, there could be close to 100 of them in tutus and pink headbands, taking pictures and laughing amongst friends. Running is arguably when you’re at your most vulnerable, but these ladies stick it out together to push one another to the 5K, 10K, and marathon finish lines.

These women are truly a girl group. They come together to pursue their goals and support each other throughout the process.

I’ve never seen one lady in this group run by herself -- she always has a fellow group member right alongside her. Some are slow, others much faster, but they all cheer each other on and ensure everyone gets across that finish line.

Creating a girl group doesn’t necessarily have to be about music or running or really anything in particular. It’s just about coming together with people who support and encourage you and provide you an open space to be raw and vulnerable. Being in a girl group is about not fearing judgment (because all but the best runners were, at one point, awkward uncoordinated joggers) and about pushing your fellow group members to achieve their best. Maybe it’s about getting to pursue your passions with those who share similar hopes, dreams, and goals or maybe it’s just about getting to discuss the tough stuff in a safe environment, but whatever the reason, it’s oh so important that we all find our girl group (or multiple girl groups).

So, get out there find your girl group, or better yet, create your own. We can all help one another cross those metaphorical finish lines with our girls by our side and, in the process, become the best version of ourselves!

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Have you found your girl group? What common interest do you share? How have you been supported or supported the women in your life? Tell us below!

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