The Fun of Friendship

By Danielle Meeker, Regular ContributorSeptember 25, 2015

There is power in numbers. Even for introverts like yours truly, having friends in several different circles or groups can be advantageous to you social stratosphere. It can help mold you into a well-rounded person.

In college, I tried to make friends in every activity I participated in. I had friends in my classes, my sorority, choir, and the few clubs I regularly attended. I even tried to make at acquaintances with people I consistently saw at events like plays, improv shows, and sports games. While there was a bit of overlap, for the most part, every group had its own selection of people who shared the same interests as me.

That’s part of the beauty of going to a college out of state, even a small one like my private liberal arts college. There are so many people to choose from!


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Now hang on, it’s not like I was Miss Popular or anything. I just thrived on having every moment of my day scheduled in some way. The beauty of doing so much and having a thousand and one activities are the people you meet along the way. Sure, I had a core group of friends (mostly from my sorority) who I spent most of my time with and brought the vast majority of my problems, victories, and stories to, but they weren’t always around 100% of the time. Plus, like food, it’s nice to have a little variety every once and awhile. So when those times arose? Bring in the girls from poetry class! Come on, let’s have a chat with some of the theater kids whose shows I consistently attended. Hey, who wants to grab a coffee? Oh, you two who sit near me in choir? Great, I’m buying!

But in all seriousness, friends are fun! So don’t feel like you’re bound to having a limited number of allies by your side as you stumble through life. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll have an army. Or a lot of fun, fierce buddies. Whatever you decide.

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How have you made friends throughout high school, college, or life in general? How can we connect with a variety of people? Tell us below!

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