The Evolution of Beauty

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorJuly 28, 2015

If we were shown a slideshow through time, we would see different versions of womanly body ideals take shape.


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We would watch the rise and the fall of the curvy girl, before the desire for stick-thin models and waifs. Then we would watch as the society who had preached to us the importance of a long and lean bodies begin to expect us to have large breasts and a booty, too.

And then we wonder… well how is this even remotely achievable for us?

How are we supposed to be 123 pounds and have a butt the size of Pluto? This doesn’t even include the fact that we are expected to not have cellulite, freckles, or fat on our thighs. Our teeth are supposed to look like white Chiclets and our hair should lay smooth with no frizz.  We’re told that the no-makeup look is the most beautiful, but my God! You still have to wear it!

And then I turn to the mirror and see what wouldn’t be described as waifish- but who cares? I see big calves from years of dance and walking on my tippy toes as a child. I see a small chip in my front left tooth from when I broke it my freshman year of college. I see that my concealer has pooled a little bit in the corner of my eye, so I wipe it off.

Still I am beautiful. And so are you.

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What do you see when you look in the mirror? How can we break society's expectations and own our beauty? Tell us below!

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