The Dark "Friend"

By: Bree Smith, Guest BloggerNovember 24, 2015


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I recognized it once. It was dark and mysterious. It lurked in the shadows and latched on to anything that resembled happiness and peace. It broke down walls and demolished buildings. It stared at the face of fear while calmly holding its hand. It struck when I least expected it.

It befriended you. It told you to trust it.

It sucked out your hope, happiness, and possibility of a future.

It told you that you aren't good enough, that you never were or will be. It defaced the people you love and highlighted the mistakes you've made. It told you that you don't need anyone. It told you to lie. It told you to hide your feelings because there is no way in hell that anyone would ever understand.

It's depression.

It has hit home too much. No one is immune.

We live in a world that keeps us quiet. A world that all too often tells us we are alone. A world where social media broadcast madness and chaos with a mixture of everyone else's highlight reel.

So many lives lost that could have been saved. Lives that mattered. For now, and forever. Be aware. Say I love you. Say I need you. Be there. Be present. Because we aren't promised a damn thing. #besomebody

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No one has to be alone in depression. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression head to our resources page to access the right kind of support.  

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Bree is a recent graduate from Texas A&M and works as a Marketing Coordinator at #besomebody. in Austin, Texas building the World's First Platform for Passion. She is a dog mom, pizza lover, photographer, crafter, and life enthusiast with a passion for empowering young girls to be themselves on purpose. She finds peace in simplicity and believes in impossible things. #besomebody. Follow me on Instagram: @frebrees Spark with me on the #besomebody iPhone

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