The Crop Top Controversy

By Glenne Ellen Fucci, Regular ContributorJuly 18, 2015

In the past couple of weeks, crop tops have re-emerged on the scene, not as a fashion trend, but as a point of discussion in regards to who is entitled to wear them. Recently, a popular magazine published a one sentence blurb decrying that only those with a flat stomach should wear a crop top. This comment then made its way into conversation with my guy friends who further decided that only some girls should be allowed to wear crops.


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All of this talk got me thinking about my own crop top interactions. I love the crop top, but my experience with it hasn’t always been positive. A few months back I wore my winter staple of high-waisted jeans and a black crop to a bar. A stranger decided it was acceptable for him to place his hand on the exposed part of my back, without my permission, and begin hitting on me (quite forcefully, if I must say). I entertained the conversation for a few minutes and then politely told him I was having a girls’ night and was going to follow my friends to the dance floor. Apparently he didn’t like this very much as he muttered to his friend, “Why do girls wear things like that if they don’t want to get hit on by guys?” Lucky for him, I was in no mood to get into a shouting match and instead slinked away with my friends.

However, I wish I could go back and say to him,“WHOA. Why do you think you are entitled to forcefully hit on a girl because of what she’s wearing? Or better yet, who are to judge why she’s wearing it in the first place?

These statements really go to the bigger questions though. Why does anyone get to dictate what you can or cannot wear? And why is it anyone else’s prerogative to assume you’re wearing something to get the attention of men? Did it ever occur to people that maybe, just maybe, the girl is dressing for herself? Last time I checked, not many people are accusing shirtless men of “asking” to get hit on from forceful women they encounter throughout the day. But for some reason, people assume girls that wear midriff baring tops, short shorts, a sports bra while exercising (the list is neverending) are doing it for the attention of men. That’s pretty messed up.

If anyone were to ask why I frequently wear crops, I could provide them with an answer that has nothing to do with getting male attention or showing off my body. Rather, I like crop tops because, at almost 5’11”, sometimes my shirt and pants just don’t reach each other. The day that it became somewhat acceptable to show your stomach was the day I figured out I was much more comfortable wearing crops with longer skirts, rather than too-short dresses. Additionally, I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to wearing crops because the earth is hot, and it allows for a bit of extra breeze in the midsection.

None of the above stated reasons for wearing crop tops (which could also apply to short shorts or running in a sports bra, etc.) have anything to do with dressing for others.

Whatever your reasons for dressing a particular way, so long as you’re doing it because those choices make YOU feel good about yourself, make YOU happy, and make YOU feel special, then you’re making the right choice.

There’s no law that says you can wear a particular item only if you look a particular way - wear whatever suits you and makes you feel beautiful. You don’t need to look like a fitness model to wear a crop top or have the legs of a supermodel to wear short shorts, and you definitely don’t need the validation of a guy to be able to wear what you want. We’re all strong, independent ladies who don’t need a magazine, guy, friend, or stranger instructing on what we should be wearing for “our body type.” So let’s get out there, rock our crops or whatever else we want, and take on the world!

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What's your favorite piece of clothing to wear? What do you feel most beautiful in? How do you feel about crop tops? Tell us below!


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