The Choice is Yours

Most of us hold specific beliefs about the way things should and shouldn’t be based on the conscious and unconscious programming we ingest from the fabric of reality surrounding us. On a macro level, these strident viewpoints about what is “right” and “true” lead to warring nations. On a micro level, a righteous understanding of what is supposed to be leads to a war inside ourselves.

As our lives veer off into new territory that doesn't exactly look like the image of happiness we've formulated in our minds, it's easy to slip into fear. Sometimes we even believe we've made terrible mistakes. The truth is, everyone is on a spiritual path whether he or she knows it or not. And there are absolutely no spiritual mistakes.

Even though we think we know what we want, what will make us happy and feel safe, there's always something working through us to align us with where we're already focusing, whether we're aware of it or not. In other words, we will continue to create similar scenarios until we learn the lesson that allows us to grow into greater consciousness. While there will be times when we have little control over what's happening, we always have control over our attitude. Even in the most challenging, horrifying and debilitating conditions, we still have a choice. We get to choose our perspective. Why did I create this? What can I learn from this? How can I grow and change into a more compassionate person? This understanding can result in immense power.

In adopting this attitude, rather than a poor me, victim perspective, we empower ourselves. No matter the size or depth of the challenges we have to work though, when we recognize our potential power, we thrive. The wisdom and insights we gain continue with us on our journey.

As chronicled in his book, Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl emerged as the lone survivor of his family from the Holocaust, and most surprisingly, as an optimist. He had a revelation that we are not here to judge life according to what we expect from it and what it has delivered, but instead must find the courage to ask what life expects of us, day by day. "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves," he declared.

By shifting our perspective to one of personal responsibility, we reclaim our power. We are no longer dependent on external forces to rescue us from our pain. At the end of the day, every experience and relationship serve as vehicles to journey into a greater understanding of ourselves. This allows us to vibrate in gratitude and gratitude is the most potent superpower available to all of us.

So, don't focus on what happened yesterday, an hour ago or even a minute ago; let go of expectations for the future. Sadness and regret are emotions stemming from lingering in the past, while worry and anxiety come from projecting too far into the future. Make the choice to shift your perspective now. We must find meaning in the now, for now is the only place where meaning lives and the present moment, in all of its elusive glory, is all we've got.

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