The Challenge: Day 30


Well, we finally made it. Welcome to Day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge! It's been a long and windy road this past year, but we have finally arrived at our destination.

I began writing the 30 Day Challenge towards the end of the holiday season last year with the intention of providing a small set of daily notes to help motivate and move my readers. Now we are at the end of one journey with the beginning of another just around the corner and a new calendar year will be here in the blink of an eye! This past weekend I heard an inspiring talk by a local pastor and I immediately took note of some key points knowing they would be relatable to this final entry date. The topic was “Movement in Community” and he posed two questions to the audience. Do you know your own skills and talents? Are you willing?

The first entry for this series is dated nearly 12 months ago in December 2011 and the discussion was intended to lay the groundwork for self-improvement and strong self-awareness in order to create new habits. We talked about exercise, healthy eating, meditating, praying, talking, listening, writing, sitting, and the list goes on. My favorite tip and reminder was always to drink more water!

Through the 30 entries that make up the 30 Day Challenge you have been given the opportunity to be a spectator by absorbing stories and life lessons that hopefully span from entertaining to life-changing. But are you willing to take this information and actually do something with it? Are you willing to get in the game and step off the sidelines? Are you willing to take action and influence your own life as well as the world around you?

If I have accomplished nothing else in these last 11 months, it is my sincere hope that I have inspired you to reply, "Yes. Yes, you deserve a fulfilling life. Yes, you can make the time. Yes, you're willing and ready to take action."

This life will throw words like busy, hard, and tired in your path. There will be plenty of reasons and excuses for not getting in the game. But you're too strong, and now hopefully too wise, to succumb to the path of least resistance. I plan to live a life in which I feel set apart and capable of transcending the mundane. And I sincerely hope that you have the fight in you to do the same.


Physical: You’re given only one body in this life and it wasn't exactly intended to be altered by scalpels. Treat it like a temple or at least as well as the fancy and expensive car you hope to have last well beyond its average driving mileage. Use the right fuel (eat healthy!), tune it up (exercise!), and don't be afraid to give it some TLC (manicures and massages count).

Personal: It’s so easy to get lost in spending your time serving and nurturing others. Take a moment once a day, though, to look inward and think selfishly. Think about your own hopes and desires for the day, for the week or for this life.

Spiritual: This world is a big and often confusing place. I know that there's a power greater than me capable of seeing a much bigger picture beyond the one encapsulated by the frame of my personal life. I plan to continue to trust in the big picture and that faith of the unknown is what my spirituality is really all about.

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