The Challenge: Day 29


Upbeat, fun-loving, supportive, positive, outgoing, and social. It's fair to say that these are all characteristics my friends and family would typically use to describe my personality and I, admittedly, take pride in such remarks. I enjoy embracing life and the opportunities that it presents along with making time to be with family and friends in my everyday life. This is my normal.

These last couple of weeks have been far from normal, though. They've been hard, stressful, and emotionally draining with few moments of reprieve to simply take a deep breath and reenergize. I haven't felt like my usual self and started to really stress out about this, on top of everything else. I was describing this unsettling feeling to my life coach and she looked at me dead on and basically said, “Get over it.” Um, excuse me?

You see, I have been treading through a bit of a doldrums period and it's incredibly unfamiliar and uncomfortable. My life coach described it well when she used the word "awkward." She then told me that these seasons in life are necessary and are not to be overlooked simply because they're uncomfortable. I must take in the awkwardness and use it as a teaching moment. Life, at its own pace, will work past this season and all will return to "normal."

This is no easy task for someone with strong ambition and a desire to lead by example. My persona is inclined to say, "No, not me; I will seize the day and not care about such troubles!" Insert image of a Joan of Arc figure meshed with a naively optimistic Disney princess here.

What I am learning is that such a response isn't exactly healthy or productive. So for now, I'm doing my best to follow the advice of my life coach. If I'm not in the mood to go to a bar or a birthday party or happy hour because my emotional energy isn't at a place to make conversation with people, then that's OK. If I don't feel like smiling every day for a period of time, that's alright. It's not normal and it is awkward, but that's OK. After all, this too shall pass.


Physical: When I'm not in the mood to rise to the occasion for exercise, I find solace in cooking healthy food. Physical activity is great for bringing fresh oxygen into the blood, but we can also experience incredible health benefits by simply watching what we eat and drinking plenty of water. For now, that's my focus, but I'll return to yoga and surfing when I regain my energy.

Personal: The “doldrums” are a normal part of life and are intended to be temporary. Like anything else in life, don't just run past it, but instead, embrace it. What period of life are you experiencing right now? Are you looking around and living in the moment or are you looking down the road and missing the life that exists right around you?

Spiritual: Faith is huge when it comes to processing periods of life that aren't too pleasant. It is the faith and belief in something or someone bigger that enables us to release some of the weight burdening our hearts and minds. I do believe in someone capable of carrying me down the path when I do not feel strong enough to walk on my own.

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