The Challenge: Day 28

I've never actually built a house of cards; card games weren't really my thing as a kid. But I've seen it done in movies and I have this visual of a delicately built structure with edges less than a millimeter wide responsible for maintaining perfect balance. If one card becomes loose, or even wobbly, then the whole house falls to the floor.

Last week, I had a card fall out of my house and, subsequently, everything seems to have come crashing down with it. I have spent the last 29 years making careful decisions in an effort to build a house that is strong and graceful. Perhaps even with the desire for outsiders to see it as flawless. Then a bend in the road occurred and that perfection was shattered. I spent hours shedding tears over the mess and wondering what to do with it. You see, the house of cards metaphor is all about �the fall.�

I knew that I needed a moment of mental turnaround, but sometimes it's just easier to cry and feel sad about loss and disaster. In the midst of my emotional roller coaster, a friend sent me a song to help lift my spirits called, "Forces of the Unseen," and the chorus revealed a poem of strength and inspiration. Here's the silver lining with the analogy; you still have all the cards. Granted, things need to be rebuilt and it's going to take time, patience, and strength to persevere. It certainly won't be easy, but it's not impossible either. I'm going to have to rebuild and find that balance and vision, but if I just sit back crying and staring at the mess, I won't be doing anything productive.

So the next time life blows wind through your house of cards and it feels like everything is crashing down, just take a moment and tell yourself that you�ll make it through.


Physical: Don't ever give up on your physical well-being. There’ll be times you’re sidelined or you get off track for so long that it feels like you're not even sure where to start back up again. Perseverance can be applied to so many things in life, including lifestyle habits. If you've fallen off course, then just find the strength to get back on it.

Personal: If you are a frequent reader of this blog, then you might find the following commentary repetitive, but I come back to this topic because it truly is so critical in how we live our lives. Hardship in life is inevitable. It’s in our reactions and perspective that we reveal our true self. Rise to the challenges and be aware of your frame of mind. It’s the most powerful force guiding you through what lies ahead.

Spiritual: I attended a new church this past weekend and the pastor focused on a topic that I hadn't really heard much about before in a sermon. We are all wired to be a part of a community and we seek it out in various ways. Whether you belong to a community of sports fans, a community of faith or even just a neighborhood community focused on supportive relationships; you are a member of a larger group. Don't be afraid to lean on that group for support and inspiration. Indulge in the surrounding support when you need it. I know that I wouldn't have made it through this past week without my community lifting me up.

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