The Challenge: Day 27

I've had the same car for the last four and a half years, but I recently had to hand over the keys. I was 25 years old when I received a significant pay increase at my swanky Beverly Hills real estate investment group, so I went out and bought myself a BMW X5. It was safe, luxurious, and my commute was a little over a mile each way, so gas mileage was a moot point. This was my first major purchase of my young adult life and I negotiated the whole deal myself.

About a year later, I was laid off from that same swanky Beverly Hills firm and the one thing that stayed with me as I left all my keys with reception was my car key. It was time for new adventures and I hit the road with my silver truck. We went all over Los Angeles from downtown to Malibu for dinners with girlfriends in tow to dozens of job interviews. We traveled to Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, and at least a half dozen times to Palm Springs. We survived three significant breakups and drove off leaving only our taillights as a farewell sign. To say there is some sentimental value attached to this otherwise basic steel box with an engine is an understatement of gigantic proportions.

My recent move has led to a 40-mile commute, though. This, coupled with soaring gas prices, have led to me to sell the SUV and invest in a more sensible hybrid vehicle. It's the right thing to do and makes a ton of sense. Also, it's just a car! So, why do I feel as if I am saying farewell to a dear friend?

Change is hard and often intimidating. The unknown lies ahead and can be perceived as fearful, but with a slight shift in perspective it can also be exciting. My mom made the comment to me that she can empathize with my sentimental response to this exchange of vehicles as she thinks her car can bring her good or bad luck. I'm not sure what my car’s impact has been on me because it's been an adventure filled with various highs and lows. Maybe changing it up isn't such a terrible thing. It's an election year, I'm turning 30, and wouldn't mind the feeling of some wind at my back as I look forward to new adventures.


Physical: It's easy to stick with what is familiar. Change can be uncomfortable or hard, but also full of surprising results. Change up your workout routine and see what happens. Just give it a week before returning to more familiar habits.

Personal: I often avoid major changes until I feel compelled to take action or perhaps the universe takes action for me and I am suddenly in the throes of change. Is there anything in your life right now that you have thought about changing, but are too afraid to take that first step? Perhaps it is your job status, romantic relationship, living situation or you name it! I dare you to make a change and be open to what might happen next.

Spiritual: I’m actually not going to step in and preach about changing your spiritual habits. But I think that praying about change can be a very powerful activity. Pray or just meditate about being open to the change that might be pulling on your heart strings or circling your mind. Being mentally prepared is half the battle.

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