The Challenge: Day 26

Every week I write about the daily battles, challenges, and pursuits I face in life with the hope that readers can either relate or at least be amused. I believe in being a strong woman and doing our best to face these matters by flexing our ever-strong heart muscles and minds. This past weekend, my perspective shifted as I realized that being strong should never overshadow the ability to love, let go, and be vulnerable.

I recently watched a very sweet and charming movie called, Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding. The lead character is a woman, said to be a Virgo (which hits close to home), who prides herself on being a successful lawyer in Manhattan. Her mother is a total hippie living in Woodstock and the lead character's newly announced divorce leads her to take her two kids for a week-long getaway to find �love in Woodstock.� This woman is constantly trying to maintain structure in life, while keeping her kids on the straight and narrow, and simply cannot endorse the pot-dealing as well as love-seeking lifestyle of her hippie mother. The leading man is introduced into the story and he immediately asks her, "Why are you constantly battling?" Without missing  a beat she responds with, "I'm a lawyer; and to be a good lawyer you must always have your fists up." The man responds, "But the people you are battling aren't actually fighting back; you're boxing shadows."

As I watched the credits roll, I couldn't help but look inward and process this subtle message. How often are we rising to the challenge versus battling adversaries that we created in our own minds? Are we just boxing shadows some days? There is a time to raise our fists and know that you can beat this or overcome that, but there�s also a time to take off the gloves and just be vulnerable. We can't walk through life thinking that everyone is swinging a fist, especially if there is love desperately trying to wrap its arms around us.


Physical: I am a huge fan of yoga and a key component to successful yoga practice is breathing. I challenge you to take a deep breath right now and fill your lungs to capacity, then just let it go. You will feel fresh oxygen pump into your body as you release all of the stale air that we slowly hold onto each day. Take a moment to do this three times in a row just once a day. You’ll be surprised at the physical impact of such a simple release.

Personal: Every day we face various life challenges. Are you picking your battles wisely or holding up your fists all day long? Let go. Now try and see the light in your relationships and focus your mind on the good while managing your reaction to the bad.

Spiritual: I sometimes find myself picking battles with life like things that I find to be frustrating, not materializing fast enough or simply unfair. The most powerful thing to do with battles that are beyond our control is to let go. Do you have anything that you hold onto with a grip so tight that your fingers are strained from the tension? Just let it go and give it up to the higher power in your life. The world presents enough for us to take on, so there’s no need to create additional battles.

"Some think it's holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it's letting go."  -- Sylvia Robinson

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