The Challenge: Day 21

I just returned from a weekend in the wilderness with three of my lifelong friends. I will set the stage and admit that we were not exactly roughing it in the woods because it was more along the lines of a Troop Beverly Hills type experience. We were lounging in a newly constructed LEED certified cabin owned by a family friend. The weekend was my real life equivalent of Chicken Soup for the Soul as we all shared important moments or experiences of the last year or so. Some stories were full of cheers and laughter, while others were followed by some tears and prayers. What amazed me the most was the bond we all carry despite our distinctly different personalities and places in life whether married, single or cohabiting with a boyfriend.

I have been friends with these girls for 23 years, so as we age and enter into new chapters in life, the challenges presented by life don't go away; they simply evolve. I started seeing a life coach two years ago this May. Our conversations in the beginning focused on healing a broken heart and then navigating dating. Today, our conversations are a mix of my love life, personal versus work life balance, and overall well-being. I often pass along the advice to other friends and comment openly about the impact of having such a person in my life. Now mind you, I also admit that I pay this person more by the hour then you probably pay for your morning latte. It�s no small expense, but it�s one of the best investments I have ever made.

As the weekend came to a close and we were packing our bags, I was talking with one of the girls who is in a very different place in her personal life (she attends baby showers on a regular basis, while I attend happy hour). We agreed that as life goes on and gets more complicated it is so important to maintain an open line of communication with someone that can provide insight and stability. Not a family member, a spouse or even a best friend, but a trained counselor or coach that has somehow mastered �emotional intelligence.� Committing to a relationship with this coach is one of the best lifetime investments we can make, and if you don't have one in your life I challenge you to go find one!


Physical: Are you investing in your physical well-being by eating healthy? We live in a country that works hard and runs fast. We don't always take the time to nourish our bodies. Instead, we grab and go and sometimes what we grab is processed, fried or full of additives. Make a healthy meal this week that you know to be well-balanced and nutritious. If you are feeling really brave, commit to a weekly menu that allows you to efficiently plan by creating healthy meals and snacks.

Personal: Your challenge for the week has been laid out, so are you willing to accept? Find a coach either at your local church, through a friend's recommendation or even in the Yellow Pages. Invest in this relationship, and I promise you will see the dividends pay out for a lifetime.

Tips and Reminders: Chickpeas mixed with tuna and hummus can be a great, protein-fueled afternoon snack!

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