The Challenge: Day 20

"Right now is the best time in your life" is a quote from my new favorite web series, Dating Rules from My Future Self. I was introduced to the show by a dear friend and found myself laughing hysterically at this fun-loving series for young women navigating the path of decision making in dating. If an iPhone app existed that was “the voice” of our future self 10 years down the road, what advice would it text us? Are we asking for what we really want in relationships, romantic or otherwise? Are we following our heart and mind or are we potentially settling in life today and setting ourselves up for a future filled with restlessness and disappointment?

Are you living in the moment and embracing all that it has to offer? We can so easily worry about our future and if the path we are currently traveling will take us exactly toward the hopes and dreams we envisioned as young children for our adult lives. I too struggle with this, but I've made some serious strides in the last year with many thanks to a life coach, which is the one investment I consider to be the gift that keeps on giving. The point is that I am learning that there is only so much we can control in life and the rest is an adventure meant to be embraced. And when the road presents the inevitable potholes or unexpected turns, think of this iPhone app's advice to Lucy when she questions standing by some of the harder decisions, "Keep Calm and Carry On.� ��Learn from our past, live in the moment, and look toward the future with excitement. Do it, I dare you.


Physical: Spring is here and, for the most part, the weather should be improving no matter what part of the country you live in. Are you outside taking in the sun, vitamin D, and the fresh air? If not, get outside at least once a week for a walk/run/hike. It will fill you with some fresh energy and oxygen!

Personal: I know I keep coming back to this, but it’s important, so set aside some time for yourself this week, maybe even just 20 minutes, and focus your mind on the life you are living. There are ups and down associated with life on a regular basis, but it's what we make of it that will ultimately determine our personal well-being.

Spiritual: It is a challenging balance to strike, making decisions regarding things that are within our control and managing the other aspects of life that are beyond. I believe in a higher power and that a greater good is looking out for me. Having faith means having trust. If you have faith then make sure you take time this week to acknowledge the trust in the greater being that comes with it. The two must exist hand-in-hand within our hearts.

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