The Challenge: Day 15

This past week brought about a holiday that evokes a whole host of emotions from people: Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day also known as S.A.D.). It is a horrible/wonderful/loving/lonely/despised/cheerful/overhyped/fun day to celebrate those we love. The week started with people asking, “What are your plans?” Then the transition to “How did it go?” Followed by the usual remark by singles and couples alike, “Don’t you just hate this overrated Hallmark holiday?”

So, I am going to play devil’s advocate here but keep reading to hear me out for just a moment. The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to set aside, officially on the calendar, time to spend with loved ones and formulate a gesture to show your love and gratitude. Is that so terrible? Is this really the worst idea in the world propelled by the flower and chocolate companies to make a quick buck post-Christmas? I would argue no, it isn’t.

A common theme in my writing and in my own personal thoughts is to live a life filled with intent. Valentine’s Day does call attention to love, but it doesn’t have to always be a romantic kind of love. It can be a day that we intentionally celebrate family, friends or a co-worker that has brought a smile to our face. If you spent Valentine’s Day with a scowl on your face and cursing every flower truck that drove by because you were so focused on the fact that it probably wasn’t heading to your home or office as a result of an absent significant other or forgetful partner, then today’s challenge is just for you.

Dedicate a day this week expelling time, energy, and maybe even a little money on those that fill your life with love and support. You might find out that they are eager to return the favor — and might have even offered to be your Valentine! I know that, for me, my go-to Valentine will always be my mother and father. Everyone else is just icing on the cake.


Physical: Show your body some love. It’s your temple and your responsibility to keep it healthy. Exercise, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. Calendaring that time never hurts, especially since we can all use a little reminder to set aside time for the things that matter.

Spiritual: The world uses plenty of media influence to get us to focus on us alone. We focus on what we do and don’t have as well as if those we depend upon are actually living up to our set expectations. Stop. Take a deep breath. Look out at the world around you and stop looking inward, if only for a moment. Focus your mind on the blessings, love, and basic needs that are present in your life.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." – John F. Kennedy

Personal: I’m entirely serious about the Valentine’s Day challenge. If you spent the holiday with some disdain, or even if you didn’t, give it a “mulligan” — in other words, another shot. I challenge you to put on your Outlook or iCalendar a “Day of Love” for some day in the week ahead and reach out to those who mean the most with a random act of kindness. Silly as it may sound, I think that something warm and loving will fill you from the inside out.

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