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A dear friend of mine celebrated her 29th birthday at the end of December. She is the last one of our group to embark on this final year of her 20s. I like to refer to 29 as the "farewell tour� to our 20s. We can make a bucket list of things to squeeze in before we get "too old" or perhaps we just say so long to the naïveté that exists in most 20-somethings. Like most farewell tours, there is a bit of nostalgia in the beginning, but then a sprint towards the finish line once it is in plain sight.

The approach of this new decade was brought up at dinner just the other night and the most recent member of the 2-9 club let out a highly audible moan declaring, "But I don't want to say good-bye to my 20s yet!" We all laughed and agreed that the past 9 years have been filled with great adventure, carefree romance and ambitious career planning. But then the topic turned to why many of us are ready to embrace our 30s. Comments were made around the table, identifying the welcome changes in life that we associate with coming of age. We also noted that 30 is still extremely young and vivacious (I mean, we are not getting a senior citizen discount anytime soon).

Below is an anecdotal list of the aforementioned comments that I hope you�ll find relatable, evocative or even just plain entertaining.

You know you are approaching 30 when....

You eat more vegetables than carbs and ask questions like, "Is this organic?"
You want to read books. For pleasure.
The books that you buy are often written before 1970. And the author is a name other than Candace Bushnell.
You prefer a night in with Netflix over a night out at a nightclub.
You have more black in your wardrobe. Appropriate for mourning the death of your metabolism.
You make dinner reservations for 6:30 on a Friday night.
You attend more baby showers than bachelorette parties.
You run into a friend of an ex-boyfriend while out at a bar. And then you have to ask, "Which ex-boyfriend?"
You have fewer friends, but they are all of great depth and authenticity.
You desire to see the world and life beyond the one in which you exist on a daily basis.

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