The Best Holiday Gift is Closer Than You Think

By: Sara Brink, Guest Blogger


Cue the fa la la’s: the most wonderful time of the year is upon us. The weeks leading up to Christmas always include plenty of hustle and bustle for me, and I’m pretty sure December is the winner for the month when I make the most trips to the mall.

Just the other day, I was traipsing through department stores searching high and low for the perfect gifts to place under our evergreen this year. It’s not always an easy feat; there are moments where I spend a good chunk of time stressing out about the perfect present to place in someone’s hands.

It’s not difficult to get lost in all the madness.

Over at More Love Letters, we’re in the midst of our biggest campaign of the year— a 12-day marathon of love letter writing, encouraging others to script notes of encouragement to people they’ve never even met. To kick things off, we held a Twitter party that included a pretty festive Q+A, including questions such as “What’s your favorite holiday tradition?” and “If you could be one of Santa’s reindeer, which one would you be?”

But here’s the prompt that seemed to stir everyone up: Share your best piece of holiday advice.

The responses abounded. Suggestions ranging from “embrace magic” and “savor every moment” to “slow down” and “enjoy the little things” were tweeted out into the social media universe. Attendants had plenty to say on this topic, and their simple yet profound statements made me slow down right then and there.


News flash: the best gifts of the season are the ones you can’t buy. They’re called love and grace.

Whatever you wrap up and place into a loved one’s hands this holiday season will be nice, but it won’t be the most important thing. What matters is the time you take to cherish each other. They’ll remember the good conversations and the laughs you shared, the support and love you showed them all year long. Moments that sweet last forever.

So don’t waste too much of your time in shopping malls stressing over the hunt for the “perfect” gift. Instead, spend those hours making good memories by relishing in the people around you.

About Sara

sara_b.jpgSara Brink is a writer, blogger, and self-proclaimed book nerd. Between applying to jobs and grad schools, she serves as the founder of the virtual book club Close Reads Cafe and a member of the More Love Letters team. Catch up with her through her blog or on Twitter (@SaraMBrink).





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