The Beauty of Embracing Multiculturalism


By: Brittney Schering, Guest Blogger


Growing up in a small, mainly white, suburban town 20 minutes south of Detroit, I was never really introduced to multiculturalism until I went away to college.

Then my life changed— by a tenfold.

Copeland was the name of the dorm that I lived in, and I was immersed in a world of so many cultures, it was astounding. With girls living on my floor from all over the world, so many different walks of life intertwined. This beautiful range of ethnicities was the most amazing experience. We all formed one grand sisterhood in our differences, which we wholeheartedly embraced.

I will fully admit to a bit of racial blindness at the start of it all. So eager to meet and mesh with this brand new group of people in my life that I was about to share everything with, I didn’t quite notice our physical differences. It was not until my boyfriend at the time came to visit and commented on the unique diversity of my new group of friends that it really started to sink in: multiculturalism.

From South Asian to African American to Indian and more, we all became so close, developing this wonderful sisterhood. From a few of my new friends, I began to learn a bit about the different cultures I had never before known.

Fast-forward to my senior year as a Professional Writing major, I took on the role of editor for the University’s annual Do Something Magazine. Among the many articles I wrote and edited, I was honored to construct a section that specifically highlighted diversity at my University. Titled, “Uniting the Unique at Grand Valley,” I went straight to my personal story from that freshman year experience, and it still holds high rank of my most treasured pieces I have ever created.


Image courtesy of Brittney Schering

Soon after, I moved to New York City and started to write full-time for an entertainment company, a different kind than what I was used to. This company, called DesiHits, was all about combining Hollywood and Bollywood. The South Asian-based office consisted of an entire staff of Indian descent until I was hired in as the music and fashion writer. From there, a French graphic design intern was added to bill about a month afterwards. It was a beautiful experience.

Moving from New York City back to Michigan from August 2011 until July 2012, I started to nanny for an Asian family. Then in July, I moved to Los Angeles and continued to write for the entertainment company I was with in NYC, this time managing the entire editorial department. Having immersed myself into this culture I once knew only a little of, I became so self-educated in everything from the beautiful three-day Indian weddings to the lovely fashion, movies, and music.

From there, I started to work as a full-time nanny for an African American family in Los Angeles for several months. Parting ways with them to fully focus on my writing career, I became hired at a multicultural news company here in Los Angeles shortly thereafter. Now on the verge of becoming a full-time writer, social media girl, and entertainment reporter for this amazing company, I am so thrilled to be so schooled in the wonders of different lifestyles around the world. Having the blessing to live in such big cities after the once tiny bubble in which I grew up, I have fully immersed myself into a plethora of people, passion, and purpose uniting as one.

On my way to work one day, I overhead the bus driver say, “There is only one race—the human race,” and I thought it was beautiful.

About Brittney: Brittney Schering is a writer and full-time nanny in LA. She contributes to multiple publications and maintains two blogs; one personal, the other on life as a nanny. Schering is passionate about compassion, positivity, creativity, and children's best interests. She holds a Bachelor's degree in professional writing.



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