The Art of Appreciation

By: Erica Farnsworth, Guest Blogger

A few weeks ago I went on a hike with one of my best friends. The landscape was beautiful as ever – green and in full bloom, as spring had been preparing to give way to summer. As we walked, I picked handfuls of wildflowers. 

“These are beautiful. I love flowers,” I said, snatching them up and clutching them with desperation. 

I held onto those flowers and all of their dying beauty, grateful for their simple ability to bring a sort of tranquility to me. Only a few minutes later, I tossed them to the side because I was tired of carrying them. A life now dead, because of my selfish need to hold their beauty. If I was truly appreciative of their beauty and their presence, I would not have picked them at all. I would have watched them in their natural living state, observing with silent recognition. Some things are better left untouched.


This hit home today, when I went on another hike. Tossed carelessly on a pile of rocks by the creek, rested a bundle of wildflowers, left behind by someone else. To say that a pile of lifeless flowers could make you sad sounds silly, but they did.

We take what is not ours to take, though habitually we do not realize this in the moment. Oftentimes, as is the case of picking flowers, we believe we are being appreciative, though in reality we are truly being selfish.

Be aware of your actions. Be mindful and not wasteful. Be appreciative, but not greedy.

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We could all use some help with awareness!

  • How can moments of "selfishness" be a positive thing?
  • When was the last time you took responsibility for your actions? What did you learn?
  • How do you show your appreciation for the world around you? For others?

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ericaprofilepic-1.jpgI am an easy-going girl who loves a good book, good music, and a good laugh. My family, friends, and dogs are my entire life. Donuts and coffee are my weakness.




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