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By Tiarnan Hatchell, IATG ContributorMay 4, 2016


When you hear the word, “feminism,” what’s your first thought?

For many young men nowadays, feminism is considered a bad word. The term has gathered a negative connotation. For many young men, the word is something to be laughed at; something “irrational” or “stupid.” For some young men, this word represents the idea that women want to take all of the power for themselves.

Why so many people have this viewpoint baffles me. Is it because, as a society, we fear change? Is it because of the media’s portrayal of feminists? After speaking to some classmates about the topic, they constantly brought up the concept of “Feminazis” (radical feminists who they [my classmates] believe hate all men). This is the view that many young men have about feminism. They have only been exposed to this idea of a “Feminazi,” and their views on feminism have been warped to the point that they believe that this is what all feminists are like. As a feminist myself, I know that this is an absurd belief.

How can we show these people the good that feminism brings so that we can begin our transition into a society that welcomes feminism, a FEMINIST society?

I believe that education is a big part of this. The definition of feminism is something that we need to show to men who think it is purely for women’s gain. Feminist author, bell hooks, defines feminism as, “A movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression.” She has also campaigned for the inclusion of men’s liberation to be added to the aims of feminism as she believes that men, as well as women, have been hurt by traditional gender roles in society.

If feminists are trying to combat these problems, then how can anyone possibly accuse feminists of wanting to take all of the power for themselves?

I believe that if we show how feminism brings about positive changes and opportunities for everyone, then we can transform ourselves into a society that no longer views “feminism” as a bad word.


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