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Ever dream about ditching your day job—even if that day job is completely cool and puts you shoulder to shoulder with creative luminaries—and pursuing your one, true passion without any guarantees or security? In a move both fearless and exhilarating, Jen Mozenter and Claire Schlissel took such a leap turning their mutual love of mash-ups and electronic dance music (EDM) into a new career path as the incendiary DJ duo, The Jane Doze. Both women held down full-time, corporate day jobs while also maintaining hectic and fun “Batman-esque” secondary identities as musicians and artists. As their shows became more successful Jen and Claire reached a crossroads: pour their hearts and souls into their passion or play it safe and opt for a certain amount of career stability. Passion won and has paid off with the Jane Doze appearing at venues all over the countries and in huge festivals like SXSW. But Jen and Claire are more than just EDM artists, they are also activists in their own way, changing the EDM gender status quo one sick beat at a time.  


 If you could describe yourself in three words, what would those words be?

Jen: passionate, tenacious, creative

Claire: driven, creative, passionate

Tell us about a girl in your life who rocks.

Jen: Claire Schlissel, aka: my business partner, taller half, the Jane to my Doze. We met three years ago and had a mutual passion for creating music so we decided to collaborate. What started off as a little side project together has grown into a full fledge business/career. She helped reignite the creative spark in my life during a time when I needed it most.

Claire: Sophia Bush. We met last summer and she's been one of our biggest supporters. She uses her platform to advocate for causes in which she believes deeply. She's not afraid to speak her mind.

What are your dreams/goals/ambitions?

Jen: To have a song we’ve written/produced on Top 40 radio, to go on tour/see the world, to headline at a major music festival.

Claire: To join the ranks of the world's top DJs/producers and to pave the way for future female DJs in the world of EDM. 

What are you most proud of?

Jen: Building a brand from the ground up and watching the achievements and growth we’ve made in three years.

Claire: That at 23 years old, I'm able to support myself doing what I love. 

What piece of advice changed your life?

Jen: In early 2012 a friend of mine said, “Create a loose game plan, and then just take a leap. Most of all you need to make room for the success you want. If you don’t remove anything from your existing docket there is no room for the kind of success you want to achieve.” His advice stayed with me and was helpful when I decided to quit my day job to pursue music full time. I realized that my “docket” was in fact too full – I was running out of time/energy/resources to make The Jane Doze successful because I was balancing too much. I needed to commit to it fully to see the results I desired.  

Claire: Expect the success you want and you'll attract the infrastructure you'll need to get there.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Jen: Producing/writing songs and throwing events.

Claire: Dividing my time between traveling the world to play music and holing up in the recording studio to write and produce. 

What is the number one item on your bucket list?

Jen: It’s a tie between playing in the Sahara Tent at Coachella and hearing a song we’ve written/produced on the radio.

Claire: To play a show in Europe. 

Who has been the biggest female influence in your life and why?

Jen: Cliché answer but it’s got to be my mom. She’s always cheered me on from the sidelines and been supportive of my career decisions. I’m almost certain that my drive and entrepreneurial spirit comes from her.

Claire: My mom. She's always encouraged and supported my creative endeavors.  

What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken and what did you learn from it?

Jen: The biggest risk I’ve taken was quitting my job at a major record label to pursue this dream of being an artist. I’ve learned that the fear of quitting is actually a lot scarier than the reality of quitting. I have no regrets. I no longer have to wonder “what if…could we…should we…” I just get to live it and find out. Life experience is the best experience.

Claire: Quitting my day job and going from a steady paycheck to a month-to-month existence. Facing the fear of uncertainty (will I make rent this month?) forced me outside of my comfort zone and pushed me to work even harder to achieve this dream.   

Why are you THAT GIRL?

Jen: I am THAT GIRL because I believe in staying true to yourself and your ambitions no matter what obstacles stand in the way. Particularly in my case, the music industry is still very much a “boys club” – especially when it comes to EDM. Last weekend there was a large electronic music festival in NY called the “Electric Daisy Carnival.” Out of 85 acts only 3 of them were women. Claire and I are looking to “change the ratio” with The Jane Doze. Being THAT GIRL means being unafraid to march to the beat of your own drum, and we’re going to do just that. We want other young women to be inspired to get into this space as well.  

Claire: I am THAT GIRL because I'm taking a leap and pursuing a dream in a male-dominated industry. Jen and I want to help pave the way for girls in the world of EDM. We're determined to change the ratio. 

*Interview conducted and compiled by Sheila Moeschen

Image courtesy of The Jane Doze





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