That Girl: Staci Perkins


Staci Perkins never imagined that her love of music and cultural festivals would one day play an integral role in her professional career. As COO of CatalystCreativ, a socially conscious experience agency, Staci’s enthusiasm for the unique artistic, social and cultural impacts of festivals led her to create “Catalyst Week,” an event that brings together experts to speak about their experiences. Despite her rigorous schedule, Staci makes the most of life in Las Vegas by attending live shows, hiking in Red Rock and indulging in the occasional trip to the salon for a mani-pedi. Practicing daily yoga, meditation and making an overall commitment to a healthier lifestyle are priorities for Staci, since all help to keep her balanced, focused and ready to tackle the next big challenge.

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would those words be?

Original, Organized, Audacious.

Tell us about a girl in your life who rocks.

My dear friend and work soul mate Amanda Slavin. She has been on an incredible journey of self-discovery for about a year. Being along for the ride has taught me so much about myself and it has been so awesome to see her grow into who she is. She also has an uncanny ability to see things in people that they may not see in themselves. I call her ‘the mad scientist’ because she puts things together that shouldn’t work and they always do.

What are your dreams/goals/ambitions?

I want to make everything fair and balanced in pretty much everything; it’s the Libra in me. To live the life I want to live always. To help organize things/events/communities for people, so they can enjoy what they love without letting the tedious details get in the way and find beauty and serendipity in even the most simple of events.

What are you most proud of?

Moving to Las Vegas to help start CatalystCreativ and being part of something much bigger than myself.

What piece of advice changed your life?

A friend recently told me I made up a lot of stories that I was telling myself. He was right and now instead of assuming I know a situation with another person, I try to simply ask versus telling myself something that isn’t true.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Truly have no idea where I will be in 10 years. I stopped planning after I got myself to New York City when I was 21. Letting serendipity lead the way. I’m sure Ill be where I’m supposed to be.

What is the number one item on your bucket list?

To fall in love. I can’t wait to find my person and adventure our way through life.

Who has been the biggest female influence in your life and why?

I would have to say my mom. She always told me I could do or be anything I wanted, which I did. But not living that truth for herself influenced me to always do more.  

What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken and what did you learn from it?

There have been three equally big risks I’ve taken. The first was moving to New York City right after college with an internship and a few thousand dollars. Then, I quit my first job without a plan. I also moved to downtown Las Vegas after a 24-hour meeting/trip to become a partner in my company. I learned from all three that if you put what you want and good karma out into the universe, more often than not it delivers and this is coming from someone who plans for a living.

Why are you THAT GIRL?

Because I have always done what I wanted when I wanted, never taking people and opportunities for granted along the way. I am also really good at being myself.

*Interview conducted and compiled by Sheila Moeschen*

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