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By Taylor Mead, Regular ContributorAugust 15, 2015

It’s extremely easy to look at an individual or hear a story about someone and immediately judge them, whether positively or negatively, before you know their whole story. For instance, athletes today are often judged solely based on the number of awards, trophies, and/or titles they’ve won, with little acknowledgement to the other accomplishments they’ve achieved or battles they’ve fought throughout their life.

An exception to this rule (although not the only one) is Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, Ronda Rousey, who has reminded her fans that no one can be defined by a single event, achievement, or downfall, but by how they got to where they are.

“Everyone has their own fight,” Rousey told in a press release regarding a memoir she wrote. “Through my journey to become the greatest fighter in the cage, I learned the concepts to conquer every battle outside of it."

And with the publication of her book, “My Fight/Your Fight,” she shared with the world her many struggles and how they shaped her into the woman she is today, both in and out of the cage.


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From getting past her father’s suicide when she was just 8-years-old to overcoming bulimia, “Rowdy” is an inspiration to anyone who has needed to overcome obstacles of their own in order to find happiness.

Through this process, she has made great strides toward being the change she hopes to see in the world. As an undefeated UFC women’s bantamweight champion, author, and magazine cover model, Rousey has confirmed that hard work really does pay off, even when the journey has a few bumps along the way.

More than anything though, Rousey’s bravery to share her past and discuss the progress she has made is what amazes me most. “What I really realized I was doing wrong was dieting and training and doing all of these things that I didn’t even like to get this idea of the body that I wanted,” she told Bobbi Brown in an interview about her past for “Yahoo! Beauty.” “I was unhappy and thought that when I got the right body I would be happy. But I was going at it backwards. I had to make myself happy first and then the body came.”

As soon as she found the happiness she was in search of, her life slowly began to fall into place. She had won her fight outside the ring and would soon win many more inside.

Fueled by her passion and determination to be happy and an inspiration to others, Rousey has shown the world that the ability to overcome any obstacle comes from inside yourself and that beauty cannot be defined by the way we look on the outside but by who we are within.

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