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By Luana Mattos, Regular ContributorNovember 6, 2015


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Marissa Heart has clearly proven herself to be a multi-talented actress and performer headed for stardom, and that's just one of the many reasons why she is THAT GIRL. Check out our interview with Heart where she explains what dancing means to her, her views on healthy competition, body image and body-type diversity in dance, and how she connected with her happy and energetic character, Tara, in the movie, Breaking Through, produced by John Legend.

1) The IATG community promotes collaboration over competition; we know that dancing involves a lot of competition - What do believe dancers could do to encourage healthy competition?

I think that dancers should use competition with one another to make themselves better artists and dancers, and to inspire not only themselves, but others as well! Everyone is unique in their own special way!  

Competition should never be discouraging; it should be inspiring and motivational.

2) We live in a society that is so obsessed with perfection and beauty (especially in the media). What do you think dancers could do to start different conversations about body image and body-type diversity in dance?

I know in the dance world there are many different body types, and people have so many different opinions.  I think everyone should learn to love themselves and realize that you can make BEAUTY and ART with the body that you have been given. That's so amazing to me.

3) As a dancer you spend hours in front of the mirror. What does your mirror say to you? What’s your #InnerStyle?

My mirror says to me that I am a confident and unique woman, and that I AM enough.

 My #InnerStyle would have to be: love the imperfections that you have had insecurities about in the past.

4) How do you feel when you perform? What kind of emotions do you feel/give off when you dance?

When I'm performing…ahhhh there's no other feeling like it!  The stage is where I feel the most at home and free! I give off various different emotions when I perform, depending on the venue, performance, audience, etc.  Not one show has ever been the same for me. But the overall feeling I experience would have to be happiness and freedom.

5) While filming Breaking Through, were you personally impacted by the story? Which lessons do you believe the audience can take from this movie?

The whole experience was truly surreal! I was personally impacted by the story.  I believe that the audience can learn various lessons from Breaking Through!  But the main lesson would have to be stay true to you because everyone has a different journey throughout their life, and yours is meant for YOU.

6) Do you have any dancer role models? Do you hope to inspire others to dance too?

I do! I have so many dancer role models varying from my fellow dancers to choreographers to creative directors… all the way to celebrity artists!

 I absolutely hope to inspire other dancers as well!

 I think there is something so magical in dancing and truly losing yourself to the music.

7) What is one issue you care deeply about, and how would you like to use your celebrity influence to make a difference?

I care about so many different issues, but the one that I care so deeply about is human trafficking.  I would love to bring awareness to individuals and give them knowledge on how terrifying it’s and how much it’s occurring all over the world.

8) IATG inspires girls to follow their passion, and you are definitely following yours! What advice would you give to young girls who are interested in dance?

I would say to just go for it! If you don't follow your passion or give it your all, you will always have the question "what if?" If you are really passionate about what you're doing and are genuinely loving it…you will absolutely be successful.

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