THAT GIRL: Felicity Smoak

By Luana Mattos, Guest Blogger

A few months ago I wrote a piece about what television taught the girls born in the 90’s, and how some organizations are working hard to change how women are perceived in this industry. Like I said in that piece, it’s a long walk, but it looks like we are getting somewhere. Although the wage gap still is an unsolved problem, I’m happy to see that women are getting the role they deserve as true heroines! 

If you asked me what the word “heroine” means, without looking in the dictionary I would answer that a heroine is a woman with super powers and not so easy to find, perhaps because that is what we’ve been told. But as I looked it up for its definition I found out that there’s a heroine in every corner. “Heroine” is described as a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. 

The reason why I am writing about television and the real meaning of being a heroine is because of a specific female character of a TV show that has caught my attention, Felicity Smoak.  


In case you haven't heard of her before, here goes a short introduction: Felicity Smoak is portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards ( in the CW TV series Arrow ( 

In the show she is the socially awkward but brilliant IT girl at Queen Industries whom Oliver comes to rely on for her technological expertise. Eventually, she is introduced to Oliver's inner circle and becomes integrated into his vigilante efforts as an expert hacker and technology expert. 

Given to Emily's awesomeness and the genius writers (, Felicity soon became our favorite character and an example of heroism and courage. Here is why Felicity Smoak is THAT GIRL. 

She is smart and funny: Felicity is known by her Smoak-isms, she speaks her mind in the most comic way, which always breaks the tension and makes us laugh. She loves/feels you with all her heart: whether it is a good or a bad feeling, she doesn't avoid it, she feels it. Because she knows it's better to feel all kind of emotions than to feel nothing. 

She is strong, but feminine: how she manages to run around the room in those skirts and high heels, I don't know how, but she does! Just like many of us that have to balance our personal, social, and work life, without losing control. 

She is comfortable in her our skin: although she had a moment of insecurity in one episode, soon she found a way to do the best with what she had, her brain and IT skills!  

She is more than happy to tell you when you’re wrong: this may not seem like a quality but it is, especially when a friend is about to make a huge mistake (which is always the case here).  

Felicity has all these qualities but she isn't perfect, in fact what we love most about her is how she is aware of her flaws and works hard to always be the best version of herself. 

This is the kind of role I want to see more on television, this is the kind of role that inspires girls to do what they love, to fight for what is right no matter what! Felicity may be just a fictional character but if you look around you right now, or even in the mirror you can find a sample of what the word "heroine" really means.

Let's Chat! What other fictional characters inspire you with their heroine qualities? Tell us here!

About Luana

LUANA_MATTOS.jpgLuana is Christian girl whose faith inspires her to be the best version of herself every day. Besides her work as an administrative supervisor, she is a freelance journalist and writes a column about real life experiences, focusing on topics relevant to social projects, volunteer work, and awareness campaigns for the Brazilian website She also had the opportunity to interview Nicholas Sparks, Wm. Paul Young and L. J. Smith.




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