Tapping Into One's Inner Potential

By: Claire4Clarity, Guest Blogger

Self-discovery is the first step toward self-appreciation. -Larsen and Hegarty

Recently, I read a succinct article which made me wonder about our inner potentials as human beings. The piece captivated my attention from beginning to end. It discussed the importance of realizing how strong human beings are as individuals and our ability to choose our own paths. Just as a seed has the potential to eventually become a tree, mortals have an inherent ability to manifest our thoughts. In essence, sentient beings are an expression of their thoughts and these in turn become reality. Everything visible to our human eye had potential and came into being through thought.

Dreams of eventually working as a writer or artist originated in my preteen years. In those days I was a carefree, outgoing individual with innumerable goals. Later in life I pursued jobs in reception, housekeeping or secretarial departments because these careers guaranteed a steadfast job to carry through into infirmity. Nevertheless, I persisted in following my dream to write and create. To this day writing and art are a central focus of my life and I have published a number of my writings.


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Fortunately, lessons of my youth came in handy when my daughter decided to tap into her inner potential. When she turned eight, she decided to live her life as an artist. I did not understand how to accomplish this goal, but listened, heard and gave it my best. I found art classes, bought art materials and made a space to create in our home. By the time the 11th year rolled around, every corner of the house burgeoned with pieces of art. She is now 15 and the dream is still clear and intact, but in addition she wants to exhibit her art to a wider audience.

Supporting her dream allows her to grow and develop in a healthy way. The objective is to buttress my daughter's artistic vision, allowing her free rein, while keeping her goals within reality. Letting her realize the vision is hers alone without muddying it with mine is critical. It is a delicate balance of surrendering, letting go, discipline, trust and love at every turn.

every one of us has the potential within to achieve our goals. However, if not nurtured...it will fall to the wayside

Consequently, I learned every one of us has the potential within to achieve our goals. However, if not nurtured, watered, supported with love and care it will fall to the wayside. I experienced how it felt to have little or no support, and fought an uphill battle with those who deemed my dreams a waste of time. However, this doesn’t mean overreaching to the extent of living vicariously through my daughter. Neither is it about fulfilling her every need or controlling the choices she makes. There are occasional falls and setbacks, but over time she learned to pick herself up without my assistance. 

Motherhood gives me the opportunity to grow, learn and to not repeat mistakes. My mode of operation is to keep my hands off her dreams while still guiding and keeping a firm grasp on where our boundaries fall. I know precisely where I end and where she begins. If she disagrees with me, I pay attention, give thought to those views and adjust wherever necessary.

Oftentimes, it is difficult to let go, but I’m learning it’s more valuable for her to grow at her own pace and not mine. In this way I build credibility in her eyes and she knows I have her best interests at heart. Earning trust is critical, but keeping it is not something to take for granted. My reward is seeing her inner potential unfurl with each passing year. This in itself is enough.

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