Take A Chance on the Unknown

By: Brittney Schering, Regular Contributor


I'm finally trying out this whole writing thing on my iPad for the first time. While it's a bit different from what I'm used to after having been glued to my MacBook (original, THE dinosaur), it's refreshing to learn just how easy it is and how much more manageable.

With plans to take the plunge and purchase a MacBook Pro on hold, (life stuff has come up and taken priority as far as money goes) my little iPad, which I received as a Christmas present from my awesome parents, is quickly becoming the new go-to. I've been putzing around on it, testing out the Internet and such, but I've yet to really try the document app I downloaded on Christmas morning mostly because I was scared. I was apprehensive about using a new program. As silly as it sounds, I'm so used to Microsoft Word on my MacBook that I feared the unknown, only to learn that once I finally gave it a chance, it wasn't so bad at all. It's actually really, really cool.

Along with the switch to the all-new iPad, which was such an intimidatingly foreign concept to me just one week ago, I will soon embark upon another radical leap into the unknown. This one is much bigger than the switch to the iPad: I will soon pack up my belongings and move into my own apartment for the first time in my 24 years of living. Due to the fact that I have a boyfriend now with whom I spend a lot of time, along with the reality of rising rent, it became silly to not go ahead and pay for my own place for a similar, if not less, price. I knew it was time.


I had been thinking about it for months. My dad, especially, has been encouraging me ever since I made the move to Los Angeles in 2012. “Why don't you get your own apartment, Britt?” he'd ask. “That way you can do what you want, when you want, and you don't have to worry about making sure it's okay with someone else, and vice versa.” My dad saw me as ready to live on my own, but I wasn't yet. I enjoyed the security and the company of living with roommates. Even more so as a brand new resident of this crazy big city; I felt more safe and comfortable living with people instead of taking the already major plunge of moving across the country a step further into moving into my own place for the first time. It was too much to handle all at once, but I knew I'd be ready in time.

I started searching like crazy for the perfect, cozy little place to call my own. Nothing too big, or too fancy, but in a safe and walkable area. With fingers crossed that I'd get it, I fell head-over-heels in love with this adorable apartment in West Hollywood. The amount of space and storage for the price was absolutely unheard of in such a safe neighborhood. Unfortunately, the girl who saw it before me had first dibs, rightfully, and she took it. I was so bummed about that, until I hopped on my computer to browse for new listings and found another superb deal for a quaint, remodeled 1920s studio with a burnt-red brick wall inside (my favorite thing ever).

The location is phenomenal and even more walkable than that first one I wanted! Sometimes if you wait a little longer, the thing that's meant to be will fall right in your path as if to say, “Ta-da! Here I am!” The same thing happened with the iPad, and I feel as though it's about to occur again with this giant move into a place all my own. I could not be more excited for the radical changes already taking place in 2014. This year is already absolute magic, and I cannot wait to open my arms to a world of embracing the unknown and embarking upon wild adventures I'd never guessed were in store.

I encourage you, with all of my heart, to take the leap of faith and embrace the unknown. If I hadn't done so in 2012, I would not be living in my dream city of Los Angeles, doing what I love more than anything, and feeling more alive than I ever have, God willing. All it takes is a little faith and lot of trust in the Universe. Don't rush into things if you're not ready, but once you feel that bravery kick in-- with everything you've got-- just go for it!


About Brittney

schering.jpgBrittney Schering is a writer and full-time nanny in LA. She contributes to multiple publications and maintains two blogs; one personal, the other on life as a nanny. Schering is passionate about compassion, positivity, creativity, and children's best interests. She holds a Bachelor's degree in professional writing.













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