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By Kaycee Wolf, Guest BloggerNovember 25, 2015

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I have always been the girl who makes decisions about my life to stay close to my family. I like the familiarity, comfort, and strength that I draw from being close to those I love. I chose my undergraduate education because it was less than three hours from home. When my family moved to another state while I was in college, I looked at law schools in Arkansas close to where they moved. When I graduated law school, I ended up staying in Arkansas because I had two new nephews and my family was close by. I always intended to return to Tennessee. My heart was there. Although I had a good life in Little Rock and was happy, something was always telling me that my future wasn’t in Little Rock.

As scary as it can be, sometimes you just have to follow your heart

It took me ten-and-a-half years to get the courage to leave the comfort of my life and take a chance on something new. I was unhappy at work, and when my boyfriend and I broke up after three years of a rocky on-and-off relationship, I decided that now was the time for a change. I applied for a job in Tennessee (admittedly doing much of the same things I do in Arkansas) and was hired. Although I tentatively knew that I was going to get the job, the official offer and acceptance and my move to Tennessee were within two weeks of each other. Talk about crazy. I wrapped up ten years of my life in one place and said goodbye to all my fabulous friends. Two weeks didn’t seem nearly long enough to do so. Yet, this was something that I had felt was right for so long. Ten years. Ten years is a long time. I lived the last five years in the same city and worked the same job. I have an amazing group of friends who truly bring out the best in me. It was hard to say goodbye to them. I have three beautiful nephews who I play an active role in their lives. It was hard to tell them that Aunt Kaycee was leaving and moving six hours away.

Once I made the decision to take that leap, it was as if my heart found peace.

It seemed that there were little confirmations from the universe that I was making the right decision. I hope so. I have faith that this was the right move for me. I can’t tell you how it is all going to turn out because then what fun would that be? All I know is that as I sit here tonight, miles away from the place I called home for so long, I know that my heart is at ease in a decision well made. Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart and take that leap. Think of all the amazing things we can miss out on if we are always too scared to make a change.

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Tell us about a time you made a leap, took a chance, hooked a left instead of a right. What did you learn? What did you discover? Tell us below!


Kaycee is a novice blogger who was living in Central Arkansas and recently moved to Nashville. She is a lover of music, writing, and a comfortable pair of yoga pants. Although an attorney by day, her recent quest for health and positive self-image started her blog adventures at http://www.voluptuousmisadventures.com/



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  • commented 2015-11-28 16:55:57 -0800

    That’s really great! Good for you. It is always difficult for us Type As to let go of our need to control and just follow our hearts. It is one of my biggest struggles, but I have to say when I finally did it, it felt right. Please write back here and let me know how your travels went. What a great adventure! I find that we know ourselves better than anyone, and when we finally learn to trust our inner voices things work out. Safe travels!

  • commented 2015-11-28 15:43:45 -0800
    Thank you for your story! I have recently been conflicted with the issue of “following my heart”. I, admit tingly, consider myself a type A personality, and am always questioning if I am truly following my instinct, or how do I know if I made the right decision. I have lived in the same place my entire life, in Colorado, and have had many traumatic experiences which have led to me shutting myself off from the world. I feel that I am not the same person-at all, that I was growing up, so when I see old friends from years ago, I automatically feel embarrassed that I am still here so I would make unfortunate attempts for approval. I would announce that I am going to the University of Colorado, have three jobs, and volunteer once a week. But after a horrid break-up I found that I wasn’t enjoying life. I went through an extreme depression and ended up quitting two of my jobs, my volunteer work, and am now working one job and going to school. I felt that the only way I could start over was to isolate myself from the world so when I got back out there, I would have something grand to prove. Recently, I have found that this is not healthy because it was putting too much pressure on myself. So YESTERDAY, I took a leap of faith and booked a trip to Europe, which will be leaving in one month. I am nervous because I am going solo, for the first time, however I feel excited and am crossing my fingers that my “gut” is trustworthy.
  • followed this page 2015-11-25 22:30:30 -0800

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