Hot Topics With Nora Nightingale

Hello! I am a former IATG chapter leader, and political enthusiast, who recently graduated from college. I have a never-ending love for reading the news, writing, and volunteering within my local community. A little secret about me is that I love reading comments on political content that is posted on social media platforms. The reason that I like to read those comments, is because I am eager to learn all sides of an issue, and enjoy reading the opinions of ‘real voters.’  I am specifically drawn to issues of gender equality. My goal for my blog posts is to channel the information that I attain from reading the news and listening to others’ opinions in order to give you a well-rounded and credible insight into important and timely political topics.  

I will be writing about hot topics within the media and explaining why those issues are important for women.

I will be sifting through all sides of the issues in order to present the issues in an honest, valuable, and real way. In my opinion, politics plays a vital role within most aspects of our lives, and it is important to stay informed. Politics is especially important for women because every day new legislation, events, and conversations are taking place that can change women’s lives all over the world. You may not feel directly affected by everything that is happening, but as a community of supportive and wonderful women, it is important to be aware of issues that are affecting other women.

I am really excited to start writing weekly political blog posts for IATG, and I hope you enjoy them!



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