Strong Alone. Unstoppable Together.

By Allison Annala, Regular ContributorJuly 8, 2015

“Strong Alone. Unstoppable Together.”

Nike absolutely nailed it in commercial that aired during the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We hear versions of this slogan often with regards to athletics. The commercial itself featured images of players of all ages, including current national team members, encouraging each other, picking each other up, and pushing each other to be better; incredible displays of teamwork strung together in an epic montage that would make anyone want to get off the couch and sign up for a marathon.



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And it got me thinking. What if we used inspiring “team-like” slogans to motivate us to encourage other women in daily life… not just in world championship competitions?

What if…

… we called a friend who might need a pick me up just to tell her she was awesome?

… we stood up for a girl getting picked on at school?

… we protested injustice against women in the workplace?

… we called someone out for using words like bitch or slut in reference to another female?

You see, the fact of the matter is, we are strong… us women. We’re amazingly strong individuals. Life demands it. But even though Carli Lloyd scored three goals in the final game of the World Cup, there is no way she could have won that game by herself.

“Strong Alone. Unstoppable Together.”

I think it’s time we start taking a stand for each other in everyday life.

If someone is down, whether it’s literally or figuratively, PICK.THAT.GIRL.UP! She deserves it!

And then, when you’re down on your luck, she’ll be there for you because you took a stand for her.

Kindness is contagious and our sisterhood runs deep. Take a stand for loving on each other and you’ll be amazed at the kind of relationships you will form. Teamwork makes the dream work, my friends. I can guarantee that life is going to hand you (and those around you) all sorts of crazy challenges. Add some depth to your line up by showing up for the ladies you love… and they’ll be there to back you up when life decides to kick you around.

How many defenders are on your bench?

Let's chat!

What girls do you have on your side? How have you been encouraged by other women? How can you encourage the women you know? Tell us below!





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