Stripped of Innocence

By Regular Contributor, Susannah Hutcheson

In the past two weeks in the news, many have been following the story of a 10 year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather and impregnated- however, Paraguayan authorities will not allow her to terminate the pregnancy.

I’m going to ask you to back up for a second and picture yourself at the age of 10. If you were like me, you were probably in fifth grade.  You were still in the stage where you could play outside all day, and it was socially acceptable to have tangled hair and scabs on your knees. You were learning a little bit of long division and discussing the history of George Washington. You went outside and played at recess and came home to do your homework before falling sleep. At 10, you probably hadn’t started your period yet, and the closest you had come to romance would have been an innocent kiss on the playground.

Now, what if you had been raped at the age of 10 and gotten pregnant? Just imagine it.

As this situation unfolds in Paraguay, protestors are seen holding up signs saying “Women’s Rights Over Their Own Bodies End When an Unborn Child is Affected.” The Paraguayan authorities had been told last year that the girl’s stepfather was sexually abusing her, but no action was taken. Now that she has become pregnant, authorities are stating that without medical complications, the pregnancy has no need to be terminated.

However, human rights activists are currently fighting back. It’s time to raise the question that the authorities need to answer: “What about the girl?”


While the authorities have not wavered on the decision thus far, activists continue to fight for the rights of the little girl and her future.

Let's chat. How can we end the social injustice that this child is fighting through? What do you think about the Paraguayan authorities? Tell us about it here.

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