Stress: Handle with Care

By Dana Zillgitt, Regular ContributorAugust 3, 2015

I’m terrible at managing my stress levels, actually horrible at it. I usually tend to avoid dealing with it because, ironically, dealing with it makes me more stressed out.

I have to force myself to relax periodically, to actually step back and realize I’m still a human being.

It’s taken a lot of work, more so than I often care to admit to myself, because I know if I let it get out of control, I usually deal with it in a less than healthy way and make a fool out of myself.


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I’ve come to realize stress is a vicious cycle, and it’s one we unfortunately have to deal with on a regular basis, whether from work, relationships, or just having a life in general. But it’s about how we deal with those levels that’ll determine whether we can handle the life we’re capable of. And sometimes, it takes a village to help us get through that stress.

Sometimes I still look for a cure all to my stress. I look for something to just remove it from my life. Because how perfect would that be? To just eliminate stress for good? Then, as with most things, I tend to answer my own question with the thought that without learning how to deal with stress, I wouldn’t be able to take those same lessons and apply it to other hardships in life. Dealing with stress head on and refusing to avoid it not only makes us more capable people, but also tends to make us stronger. Plus, the endorphin rush of getting that weight off your shoulders through a workout, writing sesh, or even a good girl's’ night can barely be beat.

All in all? Dealing with stress is an ongoing process that I’m sure I’ll have to revise several times over the years.

But realizing the difference between releasing it negatively or positively is critical. Keeping myself afloat, successful, and ever onward is a lesson I’m still striving to perfect. And, knowing that it’s a learning process is the beauty of it.

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