Strength Training for Your Mind

By: Ashley Drummonds, Regular Contributor

You know that feeling when you just finished a huge project: you finally did all of your spring cleaning, you landed that job, you finished your resume, or you finally read all of that book you keep forgetting about. You know that sense of accomplishment; like you conquered the world just by conquering a task? You walk away feeling confident, strong, empowered, and ready to move on to the next project! Well, what if you could feel that way every single day feeling like a bad a** inside and out giving you the confidence you need to own your potential and worth?

Strength training is so much more than just doing a few reps and sets to lose weight or fit into your skinny jeans. Strength training is a way to challenge what is going on with your mind and soul by throwing around some heavy things. The best way I have heard it described is that when you walk into the gym or you step up in front of those dumbbells it is you vs. the weights, and for the next 30-60 minutes all you are doing is conquering those weights so you can conquer your day. When you begin doing your squats and are holding that pair of dumbbells, you set out with the intention to do 15 repetitions, determined it will happen. You start your set strong feeling good for the first half, but then you get to number 12 or 13 and your legs are burning, you’re out of breath and suddenly you just want to stop. Who is going to win: you or the weights? Are the dumbbells going to weigh you down and keep you from finishing your set or are you so focused and determined that the strength in your mind pushes you through those last reps when your body wants to fail? I am a huge believer in strength training for women because the effects it has on your entire self-esteem and overall health are reflected in your confidence in every other area of your life.


The scenario you have in the gym against the weights is much like the scenario you face in everyday life. You have a choice every single day to embrace your potential and worth and move towards your dreams and goals. Sometimes, you will get discouraged and wonder why you even started an endeavor in the first place. Others may try talking you out of your dreams, out of your potential, diminish your worth, and you will get to a point where you may even start to doubt it all yourself. The question will then arise just like it does in the gym, who is going to win? Is it your own inner strength, confidence, and empowerment knowing you are a true bad a** and that you deserve every single one of your dreams, which allows you to push through the fear, the doubt, and the unknown? Or, is it the opinions of others, the doubts, the fears, and the path of familiarity? There is an old Indian saying that there are two wolves constantly fighting a battle in each of our minds. One is fear and one is doubt. Whichever wolf you feed more will win and the other will starve. Feed your faith more than you feed your fears and your fears will starve.

You are much stronger than you think you are and have so much talent, beauty, and potential inside of you. This week, walk up to those dumbbells or weight set and add a few repetitions to the amount you normally do and see what goes on in your mind when your muscles start to fatigue and you’re out breath and ask yourself: Who is going to win-me or the weights? The choice is always yours. Now go live your dreams and conquer the world as the bad a** you are!

(If you need help creating a strength training routine or are completely new to fitness you can go to and find a library of exercises and workouts to get you started on your strong journey).

About Ashley

ashley.jpgI AM Ashley Drummonds. I am a health and fitness expert and use my own journey in fitness to empower women to embrace both their inner and outer strength through ABS (Authentic Beauty and Strength). I have a passion for connecting, educating, and helping women all over the world to build strong bodies, create healthy lifestyles, and fall in love with their own beautiful body!





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