Stop, Drop, and Live

By Adrienne Credo, Regular Contributor

Lately, I’ve been thinking too much about the future and the questions that come out of it. Where will I be in five years? Ten years? Will I be living at home? Will I have my own home? Will I still be in school? It’s a lot to take in once you begin to think about the future and what it holds. Although our minds inevitably linger on these thoughts, we have to remember to come back to the present and live in the moment.

As a third year at a university, I’m naturally thinking about the tests I have to take and the universities I want to apply to for graduate school. No matter what I’m doing, my mind somehow finds its way to this subject, and I end up dwelling on it. Do I even want to go to graduate school? Should I pursue my passion for photography simultaneously with criminology? Are these valid paths? Which universities are best suited for my interests? Is the city nice? Can I see myself living there? These are the questions that I believe all university students ask themselves, but we have to realize that we can’t do much until we’re right in front of that bridge.


Something that helps me deal with the pressure of the future is hanging out with and talking to my girlfriends about it. However, we never talk to long about it, because we get distracted and find something better to occupy our time and truly live in the moment, whether it be playing board games or video games, shopping, or working out. I also just started an art gallery internship last week (more on that at a later date!), and it’s definitely teaching me to live in the moment and to appreciate my surroundings (considering it overlooks the Pacific Ocean. holla!). With the ocean right outside of my window, I can practice going with the flow and really appreciating the now.

I think one of the best things we should remember is that the future is ever changing and unpredictable, no matter how much we try to rationalize what will happen next. Being able to come back from the thoughts of the future is the best thing we can do for ourselves. There’s no use in worrying about the future if we’re not living in the now. So the next time you’re stressing out about what to do next, just breathe, be positive, and let things happen. Because, that’s all we can ever really hope for.

Share what you think! How do you focus on living in the moment? What are some of your favorite "in the moment" activities? Tell us about it here!

 About Adrienne

ADRIENNE_CREDO.jpgAdrienne is an undergraduate at University of California, Irvine studying Criminology, Law and Society with a minor in International Studies. She is also a passionate photographer (you can check out her work below!). She loves watching TV shows like Chicago PD (shout out to Sophia Bush!) and Law & Order: SVU with her roommates and creates funny videos with her friends. Check out some of her photographs on Flickr. Follow Adrienne on Twitter: and on Instagram:


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