By Olivia Crescenzi, Regular ContributorSeptember 21, 2015

I came across a quote the other day that really changed things for me, and I instantly knew I needed to share it with all of you.

“If you knew what we are made of, you wouldn’t wonder about the stars.”

I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I felt an immediate shift in my being as soon as I read it; it’s just that cool. What an incredible perspective to have on the human race.

If you think about it, the idea that we’re all made of stardust actually isn’t as far-fetched as it initially seems. Okay, maybe it’s pretty nuts, but I want you to seriously consider this for a moment. All of us - each and every one of us on this planet – are here for a reason.  Just think of all the stars above; there’s an infinite number of them that we can’t see, yet each one that we do always feels really special. Now think of us humans.

Of the indefinite number of souls that could have been chosen, we are here. And although our exact purpose may be unknown to us as of yet, I think that makes us pretty magical and special as it is.

Now, if you’re following me with this, I know it can all seem a little daunting. ‘If I was made from the essence of all the stars above, that’s a hell of a lot of pressure on me to make something great of myself.’ Right? Not at all. In fact, I see it the complete opposite. If this power is something intrinsic to our being, which I believe it is, our sheer existence makes us great. That’s a pretty cool way to think about things, isn’t it?


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Every night, the stars light up the sky. Now take that notion, and picture each of the cells in your body being one of those stars, having that kind of power. The crazy nerd in me can tell you that that’s 37.2 TRILLION STARS making up your body alone. Multiply that by the over 7 billion beings that exist on this earth and that’s a number of stars that’s so huge, so powerful, I can’t even imagine it. How exciting is that?

As I said before, just our existence makes us great. It doesn’t even take looking that far into ourselves to realize the potential we all have. However, most of you would probably argue that saying we’re great is a whole universe easier than believing it. I truly, truly hope that the above-mentioned quote will help you, in it’s own little way, to understand how great and powerful and strong and everything good in this world you are.

All it takes is a little tiny bit of belief, one star cell out of the 37.2 trillion that exist within you, to try. Allow yourself that first step, and before you know it, your heart will begin to beam pure stardust and light.

Why? Because it’s always been there within you. You are that stardust. That magic. And the next time you see someone else needing their light tweaked a little brighter, give them the honor of reaching out to catch yours.

Instead of just thinking about this idea, though, I want you to believe it. Close your eyes and repeat after me. ‘I am made of stardust.’ In doing so, I hope that the billions of bright stars in the sky don’t seem as daunting anymore… because you are one of them.

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    Yes! Great contribution, Oliver. The notion that we are literally made of stardust just emphasizes my point further. Amazing. Thank you! (P.S. hi fellow McGillian!)
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