Sometimes Crazy Wins

Every now and again I get an idea to do something crazy and while I may lose a few minutes of my life daydreaming about it, I usually end up chucking it in the “silly idea” category and move on with my day. I do think there are moments in your life where “crazy” defeats “safe” and you’re allowed the opportunity to stretch, grow, and exercise muscles you didn’t even know you had.

The reality is that we have good ideas all the time and for a million reasons we invalidate them, thinking we'll be laughed at and imagine how we're destined to fail. Having an idea is a scary thing because to bring it to fruition, it requires conviction and putting faith in something that has no guarantee of success. So it's no surprise that most of us hide our ideas in the recess of our minds or in the attics of our heart where they're safe. We can privately daydream and never have to put ourselves out there. Our daydream can go on for as long as we want, and we're not forced to ever actually do anything about it.

My only problem is that it's a cop-out that gives us permission to play it safe and stay in our comfort zone. I know this because I'm not above it. I recently had what I thought was a really good idea, crazy to say the least, but the adventure I dreamed up would require an enormous amount of planning and help from others. Then I witnessed the waning confidence full of whispered excuses, justifications to walk away, and the need to stamp "silly" on it. I couldn't believe I went from being on top of the world to just standing there shaking my head. I started judging myself by how I thought those around me would perceive it. Would they support or even understand it? Would they laugh at me for having a "terrible" idea? The panic grew from an increased heart rate to borderline hives.

I literally witnessed my bravery melt before my eyes. So, I understand the pressures trying to minimize our dreams, the expectations that limit our freedom and yet I’m here to remind you that you’re worth it. Maybe this blog is for me more than it is for you, but I need to be reminded that there are moments in life when you just have to follow your heart, take a huge leap of faith and fill your soul’s thirst to undergo a life-changing adventure. Whether it’s kissing the person you’re crushing on, applying for that dream job or making the decision to forgive the unforgivable; my request is that you just close your eyes, take a deep breath and do it. Don’t allow the fears, insecurities and doubts to creep in and convince you that you aren’t smart enough, rich enough, brave enough or pretty enough.

In yoga my mantra lately has been about faith and trust. Trusting yourself to make good choices, and have faith that it all works out as it should, even if you don’t know how. There will always be a way; a door will open, an anonymous check will be written directly to you in the amount of $10,000 (or so I’m hoping) to pay for your crazy, inspirational idea and what you are meant to do in this lifetime will be done, precisely when it’s supposed to happen. My request to you, my plea to myself is that we stop all the excuses, make a commitment and make it happen.

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