Some Girls Have All the Luck

Seeing as I bore my soul this week and shared the skeleton of all skeletons, I’m much more in the “light and fluffy” mood today. That being said, I want to share a not-so-serious confession. Why is it that part of me actually thinks that one day I will date Leonardo DiCaprio? (Pan to dead serious Lex expression.) Several months ago, my girlfriend was mulling over the latest Hollywood gossip mag and said, “Really?! Are Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling really dating?” (Dramatic pause here before the conversation took a turn toward creepy, stalker girl.) My response, “What? She is?!” I exclaimed that with the same personal conviction as having just found out my best friend is dating someone new and forgot to tell me. Are you kidding me?! Who in their wildest dreams gets to date Ryan Gosling much less in real life?! Please inform me what perfume she wears and any other girly secrets she uses for bait.

Now I know this conversation is superficial. I know that celebrity magazines, much less the celebrities themselves, are not our real friends despite how much we would like them to be. But now that I’m on this whole honesty kick, there is a piece of me deep down that feels like one day, I’ll just be strolling along and BAM!! Out of nowhere, the handsome Leo will walk up with his boyish smile that won me over in Romeo + Juliet (the fish tank scene, I know you know what I’m talking about), ask me out and then we'll sail off into the sunset.


As a mature woman, I know this makes me out to be a lunatic, but someone has to marry him and George Clooney. Maybe I've recently watched too many romantic comedies, which breathes life into a statement I heard. "Romantic comedies are a girl's porn." It does kinda make you create this absurd fantasy in your mind, and worse, you actually hold onto a 1% plausibility. I mean, come on. I saw Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (starring my girl and IATG ambassador, Kate Bosworth) and it was awesome. Pretty much how I see it going down for me.


Anyhow, this blog is just so you don't feel alone and in the hopes that I am not alone in my hot man, celebrity crush daydream. I know this makes us 13, but hell, sometimes it's fun to gush over our childlike pastimes. After all, we could use a break from the big bad world. So, if you could date any famous hottie, who would it be and at what point did they steal your heart? Now if you're totally too mature for this and find my highlighting and validating a celebrity-obsessed culture both irresponsible as well as counterproductive to the future of women's empowerment and female independence; stop taking life so seriously, sit this one out and join us next week for my rant on how expensive birth control is along with how it's serving as a barrier to safe sex. For my other girls who are down to giggle with me, and find transitioning between politics, education, business, entertainment and self-worth as effortless as deciding on the pair of shoes you're planning on adorning for the day, indulge me.

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