Sneaking Exercise into Our Everyday Routines

By Marley Mayer, Regular ContributorNovember 2, 2015


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Why does exercising often feel like a big, gloomy rain cloud in our schedules? Why does it have to feel like a burden rather than an opportunity? Fitness classes, exercise plans, and long training programs are excellent, but they can often become repetitious and time consuming. In reality, some of us need sneakier ways to fit in our fitness!

By incorporating small amounts of exercise into our daily lives and schedules, we can slowly make our bodies healthier.

It’s all about looking at health in a holistic and well-rounded way. By using this method, we can start to create an overall healthy lifestyle. Below you will find some sneaky ways to keep your body moving!

  • Ride your bike to school/work. This is one of the best ways to kill two birds with one stone. Choosing to bike to work or school will not only save on gas money or other transportation expenses, but it will also give your legs a solid strength and cardio workout. Commuting is something we have to do anyways, so it really is a sneaky solution.
  • Walk your dog. Or your friend, or your brother, or your hamster…When you have the chance to walk, do it! It might take a little more time, but your body will thank you. Between the fresh air and the exercise, there are no excuses not to!
  • Commercial break ab workout. During those Thursday night Grey’s Anatomy episodes, mute the TV during commercial breaks and get down on the floor. Crunches, pushups, burpees… the list goes on and on! We all like to take a break and relax with some TV, but a little multitasking goes a long way.
  • Squat while you brush your teeth. This may seem a little silly at first, but it is a great trick! Not only does it wake you up in the morning, but squats are also a great exercise for your butt and thighs. Brush and squat! Brush and squat!
  • Skip the Starbucks drive through in the morning. Rather than choosing a drive-through option, park your car and walk inside to order. Between work and school, we spend so much of our lives sitting down, so when the opportunity to stretch our legs arises, seize it!
  • Stand up and walk around while on the phone. This is a habit I have recently acquired that helps me move, while also accomplishing a ring home or a work-related call. By walking around my home, I actually stay more focused on my call by avoiding outside distractions, and I’m keeping my body active.

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