This isn’t just a t-shirt. Being THAT GIRL is an identity, a responsibility and an opportunity for us to stand for something bigger than ourselves and remind girls everywhere that we’re on the same team. Being THAT GIRL means that we recognize our worth, that we’re perfectly-flawed and sublimely beauty-full.

Every time we put this shirt on, we want it to be a reminder that we are the author of our own life, confident in our own skin, believe in the power of our dreams, feel gorgeous inside and out and can reinvent ourselves into whomever we CHOOSE to be.

While we’re certainly out to change the world, we must first start with ourselves… so join our mission, rock this world, and be THAT GIRL!


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JewelMint Friendship Bracelets


Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter have teamed up with I AM THAT GIRL in the launch of their new Friendship Bracelets by JewelMint. Each month JewelMint will offer a new set of three bracelets – one to keep, two to give to inspiring women in your life. Each bracelet is a different color and has a different meaning.

December is based on a theme of reflection, with grey representing “serenity”, purple meaning “peace” and green for “goodwill”. $1 for every set purchased goes to I AM THAT GIRL. Show the ladies in your life what they mean to you!