Shapes and Sizes

The beginning of a new year marks one of my favorite times of year; award season! I thoroughly enjoy seeing everything from the parade of dresses and jewels float down the red carpet to the witty banter of various hosts as they attempt to deliver a strong punch line to the true personalities that shine through in the form of an acceptance speech. Looking back, I have typically associated the images of award season with statuesque figures of actresses; tall, slender and flawless in the face. And then this year, I started to see a different image populate the television screen. It is the image of a more curvy and confident woman.

Amy Poehler is full of charisma and, in my opinion, did a wonderful job of providing comedic commentary with class and wit for the Golden Globes. She's also certainly not a size two. Lena Dunham is a rising star with a clear dedication and motivation for her craft. She features herself, and others of a more curvy shape, in the HBO show Girls and would probably not be typically described as a "skinny starlet." And then as I watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, I was in awe of the talent onstage from women like Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson. These award-winning songstresses are confident, curvy and successful.


I am not looking to pit the two ends of the spectrum thin versus not-so-thin against one another and I certainly can't imagine describing any of the aforementioned women as "overweight." I do find it notable, however, that women of various shapes and sizes stand as strong examples of confidence, success and beauty. I am relieved to see young girls looking up to such success stories for inspiration because what's important to remember is that redefining normal is what has allowed our society to grow and evolve decade after decade. Maybe this time around, we just might decide that normal is entirely overrated and simply being an individual is the only thing that truly matters.

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