Self Respect in the Social Media Age

By S. Elle Cameron, Guest BloggerNovember 14, 2015



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I got to have a little respect- Aretha Franklin (Respect)

These days doing whatever you choose or the option of simply having options, seems to be very popular. The one thing people may be forgetting is respecting yourself. I think it’s great to do whatever we choose and to have that much control over our own lives, but if what we’re choosing isn’t respecting ourselves, then how great is it to even have a choice?

I’m a big believer in free thinking and non-conformity but I was also raised to do things in a respectable manner. For example, I love the human body and the concept of using nude photography as art, but lately what I’ve been seeing goes beyond that. I’m not here to preach but to remind everyone as women and men, it’s important to respect ourselves and own what’s ours in a way that no one else can.

We live in a time where we do things because it feels good…and that’s about it. We lost that infinite factor that goes beyond just that moment. That factor that reminds us that all of our choices matter even years after we choose them…that everything we choose has an infinite effect. My grandmother always told me (and will stick by it to this day) that your reputation is everything because in the end it’s all you have. You can move from country to country but who you are and what you were will always be there. Now, I’m not saying to live in the past and always look over your shoulder but to make better choices. In this digital age, everything we do is on display and as a teen I never realized how much that meant. It’s like we’re all celebrities in our little worlds of social media. Whatever we do or say and out there for everyone to see.

It’s like we’re all celebrities in our little worlds of social media. Whatever we do or say and out there for everyone to see.

It’s great to have an option and to choose whatever you please but if your choice disrespects your body, mind, or beliefs then doing just because it feels good at the moment may not be the best decision. We talk a lot about doing as we please but no one talks about respect anymore and that’s something the world needs more of. Call me old fashioned or an old soul (I’ll take it as a compliment) but there’s one thing I’ve learned to be true no matter what country I visited or where I worked, respect means more than anything else. It’s more than just a good review or something to brag about. The amount of respect you have for yourself determines the value of your life.

So, by all means do what you please and do what feels good to you but please respect yourself! Don’t follow the crowd or just live in the moment (although sometimes that’s perfectly okay), think about your future and if what you’re doing brings respect to you. 

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