Self Love Challenge

By Laura Bishop, Guest Blogger August 16, 2015

Have any of you ever felt lost? Disconnected? Not a part of? If so, you all know how uncomfortable this feeling can be. It’s something that I’ve been experiencing lately, and I DO NOT LIKE IT.

At times, I feel like throwing a temper tantrum, so consumed by the weight of it. What this is, I am unsure of. What I can say, is that it’s a feeling that comes up for me from time to time. It’s that unconscious reminder that there is something in my life that is not working, or a wound (usually from the past) that needs attention.

Or in many cases, I’ve become disconnected spiritually.

I have struggled my entire life with not feeling good enough. It’s the craziest thing. I am healthy, loved, have met almost every goal I’ve set out to accomplish, and have incredible people in my life. Yet, one thing remains the same. ME. I am my worst critic.


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There’s this switch that goes off, one that can throw me into the depths of despair, or self-pity as I’ve come to recognize it as being. I can say the unkindest words to myself, and yet be appalled if anyone talks to my loved ones in the same manner. Why is it that we can show such kindness to others, and at the same time, mistreat ourselves?

Self-love is a daily practice, one that I admittedly don’t find time for. And that’s a shame. How simple it is to spend 20 minutes a day showing yourself some love. There’s this practice I teach my clients, one that I just started doing myself. I look in the mirror, careful not to break eye contact, and say all the things I respect and admire about myself.

Believe me, it’s as difficult as it sounds. However, it’s worth it, because it allows me to see myself in the way the people around me do. And that is the biggest challenge, for it’s too simple to disregard my attributes based on how I’m feeling on any given day. It’s easier to be in self-pity than acceptance.

I will make some time to spend with me, and remind myself that I am not my thoughts. I am good enough. I am deserving of a happy life. I am loved.

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LAURA_BISHOP_writer_bio.jpgLaura is a Bay Area native, with a master’s degree in counseling/psychology. She loves helping others become the best versions of themselves. When she’s not working with clients, she can be found spending time with friends and family (especially her little goddaughter), practicing yoga, hiking, and baking cupcakes. She considers it an honor and a privilege to share her voice with the IATG community.


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