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By Olivia Crescenzi, Regular ContributorNovember 18, 2015


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Magic. Something that your average adult may laugh at under the belief that such a substance is only for kids. When most people think of magic, they think of Houdini pulling a rabbit out of a hat or sparks of light and energy flying out of Harry Potter’s wand after he yells an incantation. Funny stuff. Fake, illusioned, unrealistic stuff. What, however, if I told you magic is real? Would you believe me?

You see, I like to believe that magic isn’t only for kids.

I know it isn’t, actually, because magic is all around us all the time. It’s an all-encompassing energy that surges through every living and inanimate thing of matter in the universe. It’s a leaf falling off a tree and swaying clumsily in the air before it comes to rest on the cool autumn floor. It’s meaningful conversations between individuals that feel like accomplishments, ones where their souls tangibly collide in the space between their shared words and deepest thoughts. It’s the shock of energy you feel when static ripples from someone else’s hand to yours. It’s here. Always.

It exists every moment of everyday. We just need to seek it.

Growing up, I was a kid who loved magic and sorcery and ethereal stories. There was nothing that captured my always-wandering attention more than feeling teleported into another world full of things that most others would consider ‘made up.’ As I got older and things started to get hard just as they always do, I feel like I slowly lost sight of that magic. Most of us do. Who can really blame us, though? Adolescence and young adulthood often expose us to moments of pain that we never would’ve even considered as an innocent child, shadowed from life’s true hardships. When we’re suffering or going through something tough, it’s more than easy to get lost in the rubble and lose track of the simple, magical things we always noticed as a kid.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t all still there. As of recently, I’ve begun to seek the magic all over again. No matter if my day is good or bad, I’ve learned to look. Some days I need to look harder than others. Some days it seems clouded by external frustrations or grievances. Some days it feels like it’s hiding… but I always find it. No, it’s not as obvious as a beam of light through the air in front of me. If it was, everyone would see it and it would’ve lost its beauty long ago.

It’s all in the simple, most unexpected things.

A connection between souls. A stranger’s glance on the street where, just in that momentary second, your two energies seem to collide. A smile. A quote you read on Pinterest that hits you deep in your core. It’s seriously everywhere.

So the next time you feel like life isn’t on your side, or maybe you’re just curious to try it out, I dare you to look. Look hard if you have to. You’ll see that magic is everywhere and often in places we would never consider. The beauty of it is that it isn’t hiding. It full-frontally bears itself to us every moment. We’ve just gotten lost in the shuffle of our lives and forgotten that, as kids, it was all we saw. One thing I know is that it hasn’t given up on us. So why should we give up on it?

Magic. When you learn to look for it, you realize it’s everywhere. So seek. Find. Choose to capture it and keep it in your heart. It’s not only for kids.

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