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By: S. Elle Cameron, IATG Contributor March 30, 2016



I love to travel and see new places. It’s another thing I plan on doing more of this year and every year to come. In less than 24 years, I’ve already been to Australia, Dubai, Canada, Italy, and Puerto Rico (this doesn’t include the almost twenty states in the USA I’ve been to). While this may not seem like a lot, I’ve done most of this traveling within the last four years, and it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Traveling the world is the best way to educate yourself, inspire yourself, and learn about yourself. There’s honestly nothing better.


Get out, learn, and experience new things from another point of view. Travel across the country or the world and feel things you never thought you could. Traveling makes us bolder. It makes us try things others may find crazy, but that’s how you grow and become a stronger person. For instance, I went skydiving  in Australia, even though everyone in my family told me I was crazy for doing it.  


As of now, we’re living in a world that is so globally connected, yet culturally ignorant. The best way to cut that ignorance out of our lives is to learn about others and their cultures firsthand. Take chances and do things that may even go against your normal decisions (as long as it’s safe and morally fine). Travel and learn.


I’m entering a pivotal time in my life, and I’m starting to realize how much seeing the world truly means to me. I’m getting married and moving to a place I’ve only visited twice before. I’m taking a huge leap of faith by moving somewhere that’s almost 3,000 miles away from my family. Of course I’ll have a new husband, but his family will also be the same distance as mine. Honestly, I don’t think I would have ever been able to make a decision this huge if it weren’t for me getting out and taking chances through traveling. For many, this may not seem like a big deal, but for me it is. I’m only 24 and making a decision that will change my life. My pact with my fiancé is that no matter what, we will still find a way to see the world and travel for new experiences.


This is my last post for I AM THAT GIRL. I have a lot of planning to do and other goals to complete and start. I love I AM THAT GIRL for giving me the opportunity to write for them for almost two years, but my time here has ended (for now). So, as I move on to new things and set new goals, I leave you with the will to get out and go beyond whatever you thought you could do. See new places, meet new people, and try new things. Educate yourself, inspire yourself (and others), and free yourself through learning. BE THAT GIRL and go out there, because you deserve to!


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Where’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel? What do you imagine when you think of adventure--a super fab road trip with your bestie? A plane ride to another part of the globe? A move to a new town for a new start? Grab a calendar, do some research, and start planning the adventure whispering to you! It’s time to take the first step!


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S_ELLE_CAMERON_writer_bio.jpgS. Elle Cameron is the 22-year-old author of the Young Adult novel, A Tragic Heart. Music and personal experiences inspire her to write on a daily basis. To learn more, visit her at or Follow on Twitter: @SElleCameron


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