Seasons Change

By Dana Zillgitt, Regular ContributorNovember 8, 2015


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I took a huge leap of faith moving to Chicago. I loved the company, I loved the message, and I loved the possibility of it all; something new, something fresh. After all, Chicago had something called seasons (an inner California  girl’s dream). Just think of all the possibilities a flick of the wind could provide. I just wasn’t sure how my stress levels would handle the fast pace of the job description, but I’ve always been game for a challenge. And, as an old manager once said, if you never ask, the answer is always no.

But in the past month or so, I discovered it wasn’t a fit. Something in my gut knew the learning curve was not in my favour or in my corner. I knew something was up, and it wasn’t just a newbie rookie kind of thing. I was actually failing. It was a new feeling for me, and I didn’t have the words to articulate that jolt of insecurity in my gut.

A whole whirlwind of negativity started swarming inside me, and I didn’t like it.

Now, fast forward past the mellow dramatics of that last paragraph and stop once you hit Monday morning. I was taken aside and let go from a company I was head over heels for. In the long run, I know this is for the best, not only for me, but for the company as well. I wasn’t doing the job I was hired to do, and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to perform it at a level I’d feel proud of.

I’ve always strived myself being honest, on being prideful, and standing behind every action I put forth. Which is why, though I’m a hot mess of phone booth emotions right now, I know I’ll harbour no hard feelings. But it’s still terrifying to not have a backup plan or a real sense of self.  I like working. I like paying my own bills and taking care of myself first, which makes this whole scenario even scarier.

But the one thing that’s getting me through? I made a tough decision for my own mental health.

I made a choice, because I knew my inner stamina was being compromised at a rate I couldn’t be satisfied with and it was reflecting in my work. So now what’s next?

I’d be lying if I said I had an answer for that question. But on the flipside, I’d also be lying if I didn’t feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I can put my energy in something I feel like I’m growing in and like I’m contributing something more than just my great dance moves. Maybe this really is like the seasons. This California girl feels a slight chill at her back. Maybe it’s time to break out the uggs, a puff vest, and maybe even a holiday latte.

Here’s to the next hustle, the next great adventure.

I’m beyond thankful for the opportunities I’ve been afforded and the ones that I don’t even know about yet. Here’s to wallowing for a day and moving forward.

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