Saying Goodbye To Self Harm

By: Anne-Sophie Noel, IATG ContributorMay 3, 2016


Whether it's alcohol, drugs, or, in my case, self-harm, the only thing harder than  the addiction itself is taking the first step to recovery. It takes a lot of courage to admit you have a problem and to change your behavior.

Recovery doesn't happen overnight.

It happens slowly, gradually, as you start to have faith in life and in yourself again. You’ll stay clean for one day, and that's already an accomplishment. Even if you relapse after a few days (you probably will), it doesn't mean you've failed your recovery. Those days you did stay clean still mean something. They prove that you are capable of being stronger than your troubles and worries, so you keep fighting.

You're so focused on making it through each and every day that you don't realize all the progress you’re making. A few days clean becomes a few weeks, a few months, and one day you’ll finally be able to say that this is behind you.

Recovery from self-injury, or from anything else, is a long process through which you learn to rebuild a stronger and better version of yourself.

As I'm writing these words, it has been 875 days since the last time I took a blade to my skin. Crazy, right? The reason why I’m able to talk openly about my struggles today is because I know they weren't in vain. Every day I fought with my addiction, and every day I became a little bit stronger and a little more confident, until I became the badass warrior I am today.

Recovery definitely isn't easy, but it is worth it, and so are you.


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What struggles have you had to overcome? How do you keep the faith and keep up the struggle when you slip up or are tempted to? What tips can you share to help another overcome addiction, or any difficulty?

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 FullSizeRender-2.jpgAnne-Sophie is a French Canadian student and a music lover. Nothing makes her happier than singing along to her favorite All Time Low record. She’s a friend, a daughter, a sister. She is that girl. You can also read her personal blog,

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