Say YES to YOU!

By: Jolie Brownell, IATG Contributor April 27, 2016



As I’ve learned more and more about what self-love looks like, I’ve come to realize that an important aspect of it is doing things for yourself, which means you might have to say “no” to other things. I believe that doing things that benefit you is just as or even more important than doing things that help benefit others. I know this might sound selfish to a few of you, so let me explain.


When it comes to putting yourself first, there is a fine line between self-love and selfishness. A selfish person uses others to help them rise and only cares about their own well-being.


A person with self-love gives herself permission to refuel in order to go back into the world and help others.


Saying “yes” to yourself is honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself. It allows you to celebrate and be yourself, which is amazing and necessary. If you don’t take care of yourself you will burn out and be unable to help others. Life is all about balance, so you must learn how to balance taking care of you and being there for others.


I know life has many demands such as work, school, bills, relationships, and family just to name a few, so it may seem impossible to do this. You deserve your own attention too. You need a healthy level of self-care and saying “yes” to yourself is the perfect way to do that. I know this may seem hard because it’ll mean saying “no” to something else, but in the long run everyone will benefit.


When you give yourself “me time” and make time for the things you are passionate about, it fuels you up with positive energy, which you can then use to fulfill your other demands. Plus, it’s a lot of fun, so you should definitely try it!


If you’re new to this concept, start small. Try setting some time out of each day to take a break and do something you love. It may be reading, yoga, talking to your best friend, writing, or listening to music. Whatever it is make sure you do it without any distractions. Then maybe try dedicating more time or even one day per month to celebrate you and do the things you want to. No matter how you decide to go about this, just make sure you do it to benefit you.


You deserve your absolute love and attention, so give yourself some.


There is no better person who knows what you need then you, so do yourself a favor and nurture yourself with some self-love.


You are worth it, so treat yourself with some self-love this week.


Let’s Chat!


What’s one thing you can say “no” to in order to say “yes” to you? Share some of the ways you nurture and give back to yourself and help inspire others!


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JOLIE_BROWNELL_writer_bio.jpgJolie is a passionate teenage I AM THAT GIRL Chapter leader in Beaverton, Oregon. Who, like many other girls, is sick of society making her feel inadequate and unheard, so has made it her goal to change the norms of this world and help create a new norm where girls are encouraged, heard, and accepted!



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  • commented 2016-04-27 12:29:31 -0700
    Being an at home mom of two amazing little girls, while one is in school and the other takes a nap
    , I play my favorite dance music for my Me time and dance away while I do chores. Once a month my girls and I do a girl’s day where we dress up in beautiful dresses, do a little make up, do our hair and nails, and go do whatever we feel like doing. Maybe go shopping for something fancy or go play at the park, have lunch and come home to play games. I include my daughter’s in some of my Me time so that they see its necessary to have at least one day for self love!

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