Sadness is a Valid Emotion

By Danielle Meeker, Regular ContributorOctober 9, 2015


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You are allowed to be sad sometimes. It’s okay! It’s a real, visceral emotion, and there are moments when it demands to be felt. It doesn’t need to be something shrouded in negativity. I do my best to be happy, excited, or at least calm nine times out of ten throughout my daily life, but I am not a robot.

I had a moment of sadness yesterday evening. It was in the dangerous twilight hours between 7-9pm, when you start to get tired but are still convinced you need to think about everything that happened during the day plus everything you still need to get done before tomorrow. After visiting for four days, my dad had left in the morning. I went to work that day, got home, and immediately felt the void of him not being on the island with me anymore. Plus, I just signed a lease for a new studio apartment and am faced with the task of getting new furniture, hooking up cable and internet, and getting the renters insurance changed to the new address (I know, VERY boring grownup things).

But in that moment, it loomed over my head. So I did what every independent, 24-year-old trying to a be an adult woman does; I called my mom.

I called her because she is half of the insanely amazing support team I like to call my parents, and had I talked to my dad, we would have reinforced the fact that he was now 3000 miles away again. So I talked to her, maybe cried a little, and once we were off the phone, I felt a heck of a lot better. I felt better because she offered to help me. When she said it, I remembered, ‘Oh yeah, I’m not alone. There are a bunch of people who have offered to make this transition easier for me, and until now, I had convinced myself I had to do everything without them.’

After that realization, the feeling passed. That’s the great thing about feelings; whether they are positive or negative, eventually they will pass and a new one will take its place.

Projecting all kinds of emotions makes a multifaceted human being instead of a one-dimensional figure. Be sad. Be happy. Be a little crazy. Be whatever you want to be! You are allowed to feel.

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